Robot Revolution

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Robot Revolution is a deck-building rogue-like, where you take control of T.R.A.M (Tracked Refuse Accumulation Machine) as she attempts to break the tyranny of a mega-corp.

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Looks promising but make stroneger feedback tot he player because to be honest I have little understanding of what is going on the screen. Needs deck building, inventory system, more cards and a tutorial. Lack of any animation is painfully obvious as well.

Sounds and art are ok I guess but at this stage the game doesn't show much.

This game isn't even half-done. Post this again once you have at least 20 different cards (as the BARE minimum, 50 cards would probably be better), 5 levels per playthrough (ideally at least 10) and the ability to actually build decks instead of a shop that doesn't even really allow you to equip things.

EDIT: Just noticed this was made by a college student. If so then good work so far but I really hope you greatly expand the game using its currently available assets and mechanics. It seems like such a pity to have made the game this nice but then have so few options. Good luck with future games though!

Kesterite97 responds:

First let me start off by thanking you for all the feedback. I plan to fix all of those problems, some of them are already in the midst of being fixed for the next patch (unfortunately I only had 8 weeks to work on this project). I hope that you will continue to check back every once in awhile and tell me how I'm doing. Thanks again for the feedback! :)

This is pretty much slay the spire, with out all the high tech animations, but also free, so good job

I like the amount of replay ability this game offers, the interface for the battles are good, however the robot's themselves feel static, For the robot death i'm glad there's an audio cue but would add a visual cue as well. Gives it a little more life and feedback for the player.

the shop feels a little lack luster, i had difficulty reading the font for how much money i had.

all in all, it's a fun little experience! This is a very impressive game coding wise, presentation could use a little more work.

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2.63 / 5.00

Aug 3, 2018
11:00 AM EDT
Strategy - Other