Kirby Reanimated Scene 163

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My scene for the Kirby Reanimated collab, more info here: https://twitter.com/kirbyreanimated

And now for some behind-the-scenes information:

Right so, the idea for this scene was that it would be animated in that Kirby's Dreamland 3 wiggly crayon style. I intended for the characters to be wiggling constantly even when in static poses (think Ed, Edd and Eddy, if you're not familiar with the crayon look). And maybe the background too, unless it looked really strange and then I would've left it static. The frames were drawn in Clip Studio Paint and my intention was to composite everything in Flash and export it from there, as I'd done a number of times before on different projects. (I'm aware Clip Studio has support for animation, but unless you have a particular version you're limited to 24 frames max)

UNFORTUNATLY, the semi-transparent outlines of the particular brush I was using to draw this in CSP and whatever out-of-date version of Flash I have did not mix, with the transparency not displaying correctly and looking quite bad. Because of this I had to just composite all the drawings as individual frames in CSP itself and then import those into Flash to time them, which severely reduced the extent to which the three elements (Dedede, Escargoon and the BG) could be animated independently from one another. Because of this one character has to remain static while the other speaks. Not ideal, but hey, maybe it would've been too distracting the other way. Who knows.

Also, originally they were walking down a hall in this scene. You would think that might be an issue but strangely the footstep sfx fade out and in at the start and end of the scene, if you didn't know you'd think it was just part of the background music. In fact, I shouldn't have even told you, because now you'll notice it. Disaster! Also they're saying something completely different in the Japanese version, I think he was explaining the editing process to Dedede and then in the next scene they're in the editing room. For some reason the English dub just has Escargoon repeat something he'd basically already said in an earlier scene, and then repeat himself again in the same scene. Odd.

Anyway that's enough words.

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Dedede's design here reminds me sooo much of his look in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.
If that was intentional, then god damn good on ya!

Reminds me of Kirby's Dreamland 3

This looks really nice. The coloring is vivid and it is smoothly animated. The only issue is that it is too short. Good job.

"Thaaaaat's Oookaaaeeeeyyy."

-King Dedede

It reminded me of the Kirby TV show. Funny.