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Lava Maze

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Author Comments

You try to avoid the lava by completing the maze - I take all feedback, that is why I put the game on Newgrounds. Comment why/ why not you liked the game and I will see what I can do to fix the problems.

-Use ADSW, The arrowkeys or the numlock keys to move
-Press the screen or "spacebar" to speed up the lava animation
-Press 1-7 for maze size
-Press f1-f7 for lava speed
-Press "spacebar" or "esc" when in game to pause
-Press "q" to instantly load level
-Press "tab" and "shift" to change maze size up and down (same as 1-7)
-Press "m" to change mode (Classic, Survival and Endless)
-Press "r" to reset level
-Press "t" for actions per minute (APM)
-Press "g" to inactivate shader (Less GPU usage)

You can also use the mouse/finger the guide the player (Inspired by Flaming Fingers)

Things to know before playing:
-The movment is instant and you don't need to wait for the playeranimation to go to the position (you can queue up moves)
-The lava speed is just the amount of blocks/tiles the lava is away from you at all times, so speed 6 means that it will stay 4 blocks away from you
-Mazes are randomly generated and some bugs are still in the game, the generator can be weird at times

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obviously there needs to be a lava maze game

Very cool game, but it should be a bit optimized if possible ^^

Good game. I manage to beat more than 50 mazes before the game broke and the lava finally cool down. Easy, so no challenge whatsoever.

VincentLagerros responds:

You can change the difficulty when you pause or press f1-f7 (speed) and 1-7
(size) for a real challange. You can also change mode (by pressing m or in the start) to survival or scroller.

Beautifully designed for any level of challenge and nice amount of customization. I can see this easily expandable to even more greatness.

I feel like this could easily become a mobile game if it isn't already. I hope it does, this game is amazing.

VincentLagerros responds:

Have a working apk file, but it is a bit hard to get the movement to feel normal. Just swiping is a bit annoying when you have to swipe so fast. Thinking of doing it like Flaming Fingers, but not really sure.

Credits & Info

3.23 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2018
5:50 PM EDT