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Spike's Time Off

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Spike's Time Off is a story-driven adventure game and is the third installment of Spike's mundane adventures.

Move - Arrow keys
Confirm - [Z] / [SPACE]
Cancel - [X] / [0]
Menu/Pause - [X] / [0]

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Check out the past 2 games here on Newgrounds!

Spike's Time Off is an UNOFFICIAL fan-made game.
My Little Pony and its characters belong to their respective owners.

Baka Test OST - Kinoshita Hidekichi
The Pillows - Ano Hito Onaji Sora No Shita De
The Pillows - Beyond the Moon
Aa, Sakura-san - Kampfer OST
Hanayaka Na Joshibu - Kampfer OST
doki doki no disco - nanidato
Babaero - Video Karaoke (DK) - Minus One (Randy Santiago)

Made with RPGmaker MV

Follow development updates here:

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all the cameos and little easter eggs from both the show and the comics made me nostalgic
I truely miss this show

That. Was. AMAZING!!! Cute graphics, simple controls, good humor, discord, this game has it all! Really liked the cute ending with Daring Do and Spike too, great job, man!

OMG I love love love this game, I loved Spike's day off and now this one please keep making more

Cute game. Love the choice of soundtrack :)

Is this made in RPG Maker? That's amazing if so. Technically it's a huge step up from the previous two games, but it has a... bizarre mood whiplash ending that contrasts harshly with the cute and goofy scenes up to that point.

sonicboy112 responds:

Yes, it was made with rpgmaker MV!
It essentially mimics my workflow from my other fangame made in rpgmaker vx ace
It's an incredibly useful piece of software if you want to get a working prototype quickly