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A Toxic Showdown

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Dylan wakes up in a white room unknown where he is, he finds Otakushi in the room next to him. As they speak the Legendary Yaweh, Pride the Bastard shows up to dispatch of all of Dylan’s Emotional incarnations, starting with Otakushi...

Dylan, a shitty youtuber and lead scientist in the northern galaxy is finally getting down to business with the cancer of the world. Click Baiters, Snobby Kids and others beware for he is now coming for you...
However some dislike this spread of knowledge,
Incarnations of The Seven Deadly Sins of man lead the country United Tumors and most of the known northern galaxy
They are at a high state of being, residing at the sixth tier, making them, essentially demigods. Their problem with Dylan is his spread of knowledge to the mortals and other lower tiers. They want to annihilate any and all knowledge they see a threat to secure their spot as the most powerful beings in the northern galaxy. But Dylan won’t let that shit slide so he and his friends will now journey fourth to unknown fronts to counteract the corruption that the seven deadly sins have placed in the lower tiers
The Tiers of Being are a fixed caste system that has stayed constant for the past quantilion years or so
You cannot climb the hierarchy, you are simply born into it and you put up with that shit just like a black man puts up with cops
The Tiers from weakest life power to highest life power are:
Tier 1: Snobby Shit
Tier 2: Dirt
Tier 3: Animals and Corporeal Humans
Tier 4: Mortals
Tier 5: Carcinomals
Tier 6: Yawehs or Demigods
Tier 7 and 8 are complete mysteries due to their sheer power that is nearly impossible to wrap your tiny ass head around
But speculation suggests:
Tier 7: The Acendacies
Tier 8: The Consummate
You decide what the fuck that means cause I don’t know shit about them

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