The Worm Odyssey

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Stop Motion animation starring a worm.

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This was NASTY on a primordial existential the-reality-you-purposefully-never-think-about level. But damn it was also a freaking odyssey.

Though not as clear or functional in narrative as your newer worm film, it's interesting to delve into your older work and see the unique madness going on.

The music that plays when the worm finds his mom or girlfriend or whatever that is with the long tail, was cool. It's kind of a trippy feeling hearing this beautiful ethereal ambient sound come out of nowhere while you're staring at horrific fleshy nightmares.

Also the aesthetic at the beginning, blending your slimy horror visuals with nice, modern minimalist visuals like the Apple keyboard, was a cool idea. If you found a way to blend those two styles in a particular way throughout an entire film, without going too far into the explicit nastiness, I could see it having appeal outside the underground audience (but that'd only matter if you were aiming for such a thing). I find when cute and satisfying looking visuals come together with disgusting visuals, there's something beautifully surreal that happens.

Though for something made to be genuinely gross and strange in an underground animation scene, this thing is one unique dive into body horror.

jellyeyes responds:

Thanks, I love body horror and I was thinking of a moviemaker like David Cronenberg when I was making it. I think if I remade this I could do a much better job now.

after that not sure what he want, that hand gesture are some fighting words, we can scrap what you want.

This is fucking foul, but good work on the stop motion

Ah, body horror. Why can't I reconcile the part of myself that watches this stuff with the rest of me? I must still be weak.

Nasty. But, very good composition. And, you say... hair gel? nice.

That guy should probably see a doctor

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3.84 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2018
7:40 AM EDT