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Coffee Warz

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Floor 3 5 Points

Floor 3

Floor 4 5 Points

Floor 4

Floor 5 10 Points

Floor 5

Floor 7 10 Points

Floor 7

Floor 10 50 Points

Floor 10

Floor 15 50 Points

Floor 15

Floor 20 100 Points

Floor 20

Author Comments

WASD or ARROWS to Move


gamejam CoffeeJam game.

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I like the idea but sooo difficult! Maybe if you could have projectile-based weapons? Or do you get upgrades as you go...? Just dying instantly on the first floor doesn't really encourage progress. Feels like a system where you move and aim/shoot at the same time might've worked better here. So you can actually dodge attacks as you attack.


I wish the game was a little easier and less challenging. Also, seriously test your game before uploading. I was stuck in a floor with no exit. Don't go with quantity, but go with quality.

It bugged on me on lvl 41, the exit was seen on the buttom of the screen at the end of a hallway, and there was no way to get there. It was pretty much an isolated room, unaccessible. I already killed all enemies on that level, so there was no way I could have died, which seems to be the only way to save my score. Because after opening the menu and clicking on restart I was back at lvl 1. After refreshing the page I had unlocked all medals obviously, but it didn't register my score. With lvl 41 I would be the top in the all-time list, but it seems I wasted my time getting there. Because of those 2 kinda game breaking and score denying bugs, I only vote 2 stars. Fix them and make it aknowledge my high score, then I may change it to 3,5.

Liked the office theme.
Hitting colleagues and drinking coffee to heal.
Liked the level system, it is just like Pokemon!

I understand this was a gamejam game and you had limited time, but if you had more time I would suggest the following:

Played the game twice to explore new things, but it seemed too much of the same hence I lost reason to play. The floor number is just a value, and has little meaning on it's own as a high-score, you need to give the number value. For example the player levels up and gets stronger, new abilities are unlocked. Floors get new weapons, enemies etc.
Where is that machine gun?

You already build a level system. This could be a great way to add value.
I already noticed you got stronger when you level up, display this! So it is clear progress is made. You could unlock abilities like dashing, magic spells like fireball (stick rpg),
super saiyan like abilities get stronger unlock ability to do kamehameha.
To make it more interesting you could give the player points on level up to
develop certain skills: strength, mana (for kamehameha), charisma (manipulate colleagues to become your allies). This way each time you die you have more reason to replay, you could try a different "way of life" each time. Become the strong pure or pure charismatic, or a mix of some.

Also I would expect when you go next floor you get better weapons.

PS: if you did ad new abilities, weapons, interesting things start doing it after the first level up or floor complete, then I wouldn't have missed it.

I like the concept, but there so many things here that could be better.

I think the damage system is too punishing. If you get hit twice at the start of the game, you're dead. Depending on where items and enemies spawn, you could get killed before you even find a weapon. Yes, you always have your fist as a weapon, but it sucks. Not to mention that with the map being pretty much broken after floor one makes those chances that much more likely.

Following up on my last sentence, the map is broken after the first floor. There's no enemy indication and the yellow dot for the door location doesn't show up until you get really close to it.

Finally, the combat mechanics. It seems like enemies have better range for hitting you than you have for hitting them, unless you have the spray or fire extinguisher. I've tried to keep my distance so many times, I go for a hit with a cactus or a chair or whatever and they still hit me first, taking away most of my life points. IN JUST ONE HIT. Like I said earlier, I think the damage system is too punishing. It would be nice if I could take more than one hit without almost dying when I just started the game. It makes it difficult to level up, so I can actually take more damage.

Credits & Info

2.94 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2018
6:47 PM EDT