Corruption II

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The slightly enhanced second coming of the "meh" game Corruption!

NOTE: seems NG doesn't like my help popup, press ESC to close it! sorry folks!


Really fun, but I have a MacBook and there is a consistent glitch on any game with multiple ones you control where the third one won't respond to my clicks. Great when it works, I guess.

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Ok. This is much better. The idea with teams is great, but you need to improve it a lot. You need to make it ALL customizeble: how many teams there are, how many players are in each team, individual selection for all players (player or Ai with different difficulty)

Подписывайтесь на Английский без ГМО!

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Good game, however, definitely some bugs
Often, esp when playing Obliteration mode, the tile count for each team gets off
So when I conquer 100% of the tiles, orange still has 1 or 3 phantom tiles left, preventing the game from recognizing that I've won. However, that is the only bug (outside of the help popup you already know of) that I have found.

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Decent game

I love the grid and interface it was confusing at first maybe these a way to start it off more simplistic, OK so I had a fun time with this entry you brought everything forward and with some good feel to it, most the elements you pushed on this was pretty good, and I really enjoyed everything so great start to something really good here, hope you keep that level of quality up. This can really Thrive ifput in more direction, but anyways.

Some bugs and some simpler ideas as things gets lagged up with lots going on.


It's a good game, but has some bugs:
Some players can't have their turns, so the game can't continue.
Sometimes, when you defeat a player (being AI or real player) the game stops.
Please fix these problems, I liked the game.

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3.86 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2018
12:07 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other