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Interface | Episode 03

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The episode begins with a shot of the Greetings Robotics blimp panning down to the United Nations headquarters towering over the New York skyline. The scene changes to the large United Nations auditorium with the Greetings Robotics CEO on the podium. He goes on to explain how "since the 1943 phenomenom, the world as we know it has been plagued with an immaterial Cerebral Electricity". He also explains how the electricity wasn't a foreign substance but was rather found. While he narrates the scenes change showing a well of static, scientists studying the malleable static and the construction of KAMI. The episode ends with a demonstration of KAMI's teleportation ability.

Greetings Robotics CEO voiced by Philip Hersh

Source materials used:
One Hour of Imaginary Celebrities
Creative Commons Attribution License

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwvvNVr_5CY
Goodies: http://patreon.com/umami

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She looks cool but she needs more sun.

I love following this series. It's so surreal and somewhat unsettling I love it.

Love it

my heart

If the substance merely revealed itself then what is the relation to the 1943 Philadelphia Experiment? Also, it doesn't actually demonstrate KAMI's teleportation ability at the end... Like, at all...