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Iso Illusions

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Author Comments

This game is a simple isometric puzzle platformer I made with Unity 3D and built to WebGL for distribution. The platforms may not be in the direction you think they look to be, so think outside the box, and try going a different direction than it looks like you need to go.

7/28/2017 Update:
I have now created part 1 of a development process video on this game. If you want to watch it on YouTube, click the following link:

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I certainly see what you were trying to do here, but as a player it is very frustrating to play. :(
I should start by mentioning that I did complete the game. It was arduous and frustrating, but I managed to finish it.

The optical illusion aspect is kind of cool. However, it is kind of a guessing game to figure out which direction the next platform is in. As a player it is not very fun because there are no clues. There is nothing to go on, so it doesn't engage my brain and make me think. I just have to keep trying directions until I find the pattern of directions that works. My suggestion is to find a system that works and embrace it.

One of the paths you could take is to make the game more of a memorization puzzle. If the entire level layout is shown from multiple angles from the start, then the player has a chance to memorize where the platforms are. After that, the player must navigate the level using the confusing and optical illusion perspective. I'm imagining the spinning camera that Super Monkey Ball uses at the start of every level. If you end up doing this, make sure that the player can optionally restart the level to see this spin-down again. They might not want to see it every time they fail, but they will want to see it on command.

The other idea is to allow the player to rotate the stage 90 degrees to view it from a similar perspective but at a different angle. This would make the game more of a spatial puzzle, where the player has to make sense of the level by only seeing orthogonal perspectives.

Either way, if this is your first game, don't get discouraged. My first game was awful and I never let anyone see it. Everyone has a tough time when they start, and that's only because there is a lot to learn. Some people will give you valuable feedback (hopefully mine is valuable) and other people will just say how they feel without giving you suggestions or explaining why. Listen to the feedback, but don't let the criticism keep you from making games.

Don't give up! Keep learning, keep trying, keep getting better! :)

Great idea. Terrible execution.

I would have had a 360 fly over at the start of each level to give you an idea of what direction the platforms are. Alternatively, you could have implemented clues like shadows.

However, This is just a guessing game and as such isn't fun to play.

You can move with the arrow keys. but I don't get the layers. I think I have to move in on direction, but then it falls off, because there is nothing. But it seems like there is something. Unplayable...

why can't i even move?

I dont know if its my computer or this game but I cant play it. so no.

Credits & Info

2.19 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2018
4:23 PM EDT