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Hey guys! I've been on Newgrounds since...about 2009ish? I uploaded a couple animations back then but because they were so bad they got immediately Blam'd, so I've decided to work on animation for the last 9 years and this is what I managed to get done in my Last 4 months at University of Portsmouth!

I've been Howard Wimshursts' housemate for the last 2 years which is pretty cool, been tryin' to help the guy improve his draftsmanship...

Anyways yeah, this Animation was made by Me and my mate Joel Gambleton, and we wanted to make something that'd be a nice blend of 2D and 3D stuff!
Unfortunately we both kinda had our own "individual strengths" and they can be pretty obviously seen at points...
Down to the Uni's "Your partner must at least animate something" rule...

I primarily worked on the First Shot and the last minute and a half? I think?

There was an incredibly rocky moment where I had to Massively rehaul the beginning and End in two weeks purely in Compositing which was....bloody stressful.

BUT i'm incredibly proud of this :D I hope I start uploading more to Newgrounds soon, and I hope you enjoy it! <3

Majority of 3D Animation: Me
Environments: Me
Character Model and Rig: Joel
Compositing: Half me and Joel at points
Making of Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAYbQUc8BF4&feature=youtu.be
(I'd rather not make it a separate submission, just for those who are interested in the process!!)


Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Jordanimating
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Jordanimate
My Website: http://jordanimate.weebly.com/


Joel: https://www.instagram.com/jole_gam/?hl=en


(I've been trying to find out who it was that Joel commissioned for the music for the past couple of months, haven't had any luck...)

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Loved it. You two clearly know how to build up atmosphere.

Anyway, I checked the description as I was wondering who made that music (because I think it is gorgous), and "Half me and Joel" leaves me no choice but to very politely ask if you could upload it to newgrounds ^^' If it is already uploaded I then would just like to know how to find it.

Thank you (no matter if I get the desired song)

Incredible film with a brilliant story and captivating visuals. Everything felt smooth, fluid, and aesthetically pleasing such as the environments and even the clothes in motion. The only gripe is that I couldn't figure out what was behind that gate at the end. Is it open to interpretation, I suppose?

Awesome job, man (and everyone else that helped out)! Great to see how devoted you are to animation; its really made a difference. Keep it up and good luck on your next projects! You have my support.

The style is super cool, and the story is interesting, though not the most original. The storytelling is very visual and there's some really creative imagery like the castle growing az he tries to run further away from it. The animation was cool as well, though it might have been a little bit choppy. It has a neat message about not being able to escape the past, though the ending was a bit confusing. I'm guessing it's supposed to be him confronting his demons head on, and, through that, they no longer bother him and he's able to see clearly without the bodies that used to be there and he realizes that that's all in the past. Now it's just another place. However, it was done a bit weirdly, without any clear symbolism. Was it maybe supposed to be a religious message? It just kinda happened.

This is freakin amazing. I love the art style

Brilliant. The animation has that awesome quality of being smooth while also jumping around, creating a sense of tension.

The chase is freaky as hell and the ending manages to be pretty profound.

Excellent work.

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Jul 20, 2018
6:35 AM EDT
  • Maya