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A Spot of Leisure

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My entry for the Summer Jams round 2 - Modern Robots, 1930s animation.

The robot is Boston Dynamics Spot Mini.

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the animation is pretty and each individual model rather cute, but the first half of the video is relatively dull and uninspired. the feel is definitely there and right, but i think that something more could've been done, or been in the back or foreground, to justify the length and make it feel less like filler.

on the other hand, i thoroughly enjoyed the second half, even though the model for all the vehicles and the fires is essentially the same. although i do think that changing Spot's gait a bit throughout the animation might also help, i also kinda like the fact that by not doing so Spot just kinda goes--same as when he was looking at the initial car accident--"whatev's" and just keeps on trotting/jogging along. i gotta admit i was laughing like a maniac, but then, i'm just twisted like that. lol

i compliment your choice of music (god, i've never even heard of electro-swing before), and goodness knows i appreciate it, but i can only give so many props based on that alone. on the other hand, judging from the actual animation quality, i'd say you're already doing pretty well.

While I know there wasn't a lot of time to get this movie out, I feel like there could have been a visible difference in the way Spot was walking when the music kicked into high gear at :40, like the claw head bobbing up and down a bit more. Also noticed that you made just the one animated fire and re-used it for every car.

It did make me laugh when it looked at the crashed cars, seemed to think for a moment, and then there was the sudden cut to Spot walking along the tops of them. That was clever and pretty funny.

CyanSandwich responds:

Yeah, fair. I definitely should have changed up the walk cycle and fire.
Thanks for the review :)

Too simplistic, could've been more funny