The Future is Robotic!

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So for this animation jam I had to convert a real life robot into a 1930s style. I picked the Boston Dynamics Spot Mini. It's a cute little block dog, what's not to love? I tried to emulate some of the things I observed in 1930s cartoons, like the lack of real shading. Me working in colour made this stick out a bit more, but hot dog, did it make everything quicker. I also kind of kept some of the roughness to show off this bygone era of animation. I would, as usual add more things with time and probably re-record some lines, but I think it came out okay.


Musical Snapshots
Composed by Unknown
Performed by the Columbia Orchestra

The Entertainer
Composed by Scott Joplin
Performed by Scott Joplin

The Star Spangled Banner- Recorder Cover
Composed by John Stafford Smith
Lyrics by Francis Scot Key
Performed by Rec0rder Mast3r

State Anthem of the Soviet Union
Composed by Alexander Alexandrov
Performed by The Red Choir

Film Noise Overlay
courtesy of Beachside B-Roll

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I quite enjoyed the story and especially the character designs. Plus Dennis is just a total charmer.

KloudKat responds:

Hey, Dennis was looking at me first, buster!