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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

Stay Focused

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A Retro 1930's Surgery Animation. You gotta stay focused on the important stuff no matter what!

For the 1930RobotJam. This was quite a challenge to animate within 2 weeks espially when real life takes it toll. Da Vinci Surgical Robot is one of the modern robots that I chosen and the lady version of ASIMO. I got inspired by watching LOTS of Betty Boops but adding my own twist.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DavidTheBudgen
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/XGTDaveX/

Big massive thanks to TheMikirog for hisfeedback
Twitter: https://themikirog.newgrounds.com/

Update: Cheers for the Daily 2nd Place! :)

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but what fun, no??

I actually like this style of animation. It's like Bendy and Disney went for coffee and started chatting about there own experiences with women, when suddenly one of there one night stands walks in and see's them both sitting there then walks over to say hi. But she's not really just saying hi she wants to figure out why one of them haven't had the gull to call her back, she's tried calling one of them for almost 2 months straight. She even decided check there social media to see if he was seeing anyone new?

Anyways where was I... oH YeAh Good Stuff.

Who blames a man for dat

hahah that was hilarus please keep up the awesome work!