A badly coded jump

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i wanted to make a parkour kind of game
and i coded a jump and was pretty bad
soo decided to make a game around it
probably going to make a normal parkour game
in the future

3 Levels
1 Easter Egg

Controls: W A S D and mouse to move camara
space to jump


Please don't put unfinished practice on Newgrounds. In my opinion, much more polish would be required before this game could be released. The idea of having a game based around a weird jump is cool. However, the game should feel like it is at the very least in a semi-finished state before you release it on a website where people go to play games.

The mouse doesn't snap.
The camera can be flipped upside down.
By holding jump and looking at the wall in the second level you can clip through walls.
The camera briefly clips into objects once in a while (Not a big deal.)

The first level is clearly unfinished.
The second level looks completely different from the first.

davidpuralocura responds:

yeah i could have worked alot more on this game
im kinda new to making games soo there are some problems that i dont know how to fix
i thought it was not big of a deal the camara but you are right i shoud have fixed that one
this is a finished game even if its not polished to the best
thank you for this review
made me look some videos on the bugs

P.S.found the easter egg?

Im pretty sure what youve done here is have the "canJump" variable be set to true whenever the player intersects with an obstacles. If you make a hitbox around the feet of the player and give it a smaller radius then the player when the player collides with obstacles it isn't touched by the wall, then it will work better. also the music was nice for the setting of the game.

davidpuralocura responds:

but in this game its called a badly coded jump
soo the jump is meant to be like that
but thanks for the tip

I didn't understand what anything was. It lived up to its title.

davidpuralocura responds:


well... if you did this in not a lot of time please olish this and make more levels...
please... even tho the jumping is awfully stupid i really like the chilling that it gives to me. its a really enjoyable game.

davidpuralocura responds:

i dont think i would make more levels for this game
but i am planing maybe in the future make a normal parkour game
with a normal jump
i know the jump is stupid but it was made that way
i think its fun but i can see why people would not like it

thank you for the review

Well it sure is something.

I like the jumping mechanics in this one. it feels quite unique and I believe that an actually more polished game could take advantage of it. It brings many possibilities on the level design segment too.

Sadly though, this project pretty much is not as good as it should've probably been. The levels have different levels of complexity in each, the second left can be beaten very easily by pressing "A" while you're moving in that direction towards a wall and the backgrounds an assets in general look extremely basic.

Of course I do understand that this was made after you coded a jump that was pretty much bad, but maybe something bigger can be made out of this. Good concepts sometimes come out of happy little accidents (Bob Ross reference in the last three words intended).

davidpuralocura responds:

i can see how people could say this project should have been better
more levels and more complexity
but im just starting to make games
and dont earn any money making them
soo its just practice
im just an amateur at this still

thank you for the review

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2.26 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2018
3:36 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other