Dungeon Grove

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Floor 2 5 Points

Reach the second floor!

Floor 5 10 Points

Reach the fifth floor!

Floor 7 25 Points

Get to the seventh floor!

Floor 10 50 Points

Reach floor 10...

Floor 20 100 Points

Reach floor 20!

Author Comments

Rogue-like, top down dungeon crawler and heavily inspired by The Bindings of Isaac.

Shortcut, M to mute all sounds

update 17-7: money bug fix; enemies more challenging later; medals; bought weapons more powerful;

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If I scroll down taking my mouse off screen, I can move, but no longer attack

I have to constantly refresh to use the items :(

Was wondering what use the money was until I ran into the first upgrade, and after that I started collecting money, for when I'd need it... but it seems to disappear at random intervals. After a certain amount? After a certain level? After a certain amount of levels? is this intentional...? Wish there was some form of Continue, too, when you die. Maybe one you could upgrade for. Buy yourself a checkpoint or a restart with a hundred coins, for example. Some kind of limited safety net at least. I like simplicity, so this is the right kind of dungeon for me, though just hitting the wrong room it's all too easy to loose all your progress in just one swoop.

Otherwise good game! Simple but with appreciated variation with enemies, an almost comical whirl transition between levels, smooth controls... just need to polish the reward and grind mechanics a bit IMO. Also the spikes: maybe not visible enough...


I don't get it. I know it's inspired by Issac, but this just feels like a poor man's version of it with no real motivation put into it.

The controls are bland, where bumping into obstacles snag you. And the minuscule mouse aim easily gets lost on screen - one of the most irritating aspects of the game controls. The power ups are bland. In fact, what's the point of getting money in the game and not just rushing to the next floor - not to mention the money just mysteriously disappears. And there is a glitch where enemies get stuck behind obstacles or gates, where you can't get them, leading to a softblock

Bland, boring, and pointless...

White dead block face shows up and I am able to do nothing!

Credits & Info

2.91 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2018
1:57 PM EDT
Adventure - Other