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Author Comments

The parody of "PlantsVSZombies", in this game you need to place weapons to shoot the cars. There are two types of weapons. In the game, you can destroy weapons with a shovel.
Before the game starts, it will take about 30 seconds.
https://www.patreon.com/seeegor - patreon

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A decent game you have here but do think you could ad much more to this one, The art and graphics could be improved, the menu system could also be refined with a more sleek look including an improved font but really was a decent game you have created here.

The art and graphics could be improved


i will rate it 2 stars but you should improvise on what the guy below said Fro that gave some awesome feedback dude and maybe you should actually communicate and talk instead of just replying "Thanks for the review" no offense it is polite sometimes creators dont even type back but seriously dude listen to the guy down below named Fro

~ Animation/Graphics ~

I think an instant way to improve the score here is to work on the artwork and graphics. The first thing that sticks out is on the opening menu. You open up to the green grass that looks like it's been copied and pasted next to itself over and over. While this does create a nice little section where you know you can place a tower, it isn't evident enough to create a clear tile/path way. It would have been nicer to see this set up more like a highway where there were several clear lanes. This would be better graphically and would also set clear expectations for people so they would know ahead of time where to set towers and where the cars could drive through.

From the top to the bottom of the menu.... What's the graphic between the first gun and the car supposed to represent? It doesn't seem to have anything to do with the game. It's not a tower you get to choose and I honestly have no clue what it is. The guns themselves were alright, but would have turned out much better with clean solid lines. The car also needs a bit of work. It's a bit large and boxy. A slightly more realistic drawing at a smaller scale would have looked much better in my opinion.

The lettering on top looks nice, but I would have used a different color pallet. They are all so similar that the letters run together. Also, the dark color of the S blends in the dark color of the car too much. I would have gone color 1 for Guns, color 2 for VS, and then back to color 1 for Cars again. The lettering in the middle of the screen could have been a little better. You went with a nice bubbly lettering on top that I think would have looked a lot better here as well, just using much smaller sizes.

While we were on the topic of instructions I would probably reword it. It's a bit wordy. Perhaps something along the lines of:

How to play: Place the weapon on the field. When a vehicle is in range of a weapon it will shoot. If a vehicle manages to collide with a weapon the weapon will be destroyed. If the vehicle reaches the red line the game is over.

The logo on the top right, which I assume is your icon or tag, is poorly edited. There's a lot of white space around it and this could be cleaned up a lot! A lot of the same exact things can be said about the game over screen.

Lastly, just a small amount of attention to detail could help out. Maybe add some dirt, exhaust, or a little bounce to the vehicle. These small things can sometimes go a far way when increasing the quality of a submission.

~ Gameplay ~

Errors: Sometimes the screen turns black and nothing can change this other than refreshing the page. I've had it happen after a stage has started or after clicking the back to menu button after starting losing a round. I've also had a stage start and everything is running smoothly besides the fact that I cannot select a weapon or the shovel no matter how hard I try. It's either refresh the page or lose again to make it work.

There's a lot of things that could have made this better. I feel that because of the size of the map and vehicles that there wasn't much gameplay here. I'm sure everyone loses around the same time in the game because it doesn't matter what weapon set up you have it just doesn't take very long, as slow as they do move, for the vehicles to get to your second or third level of guns when there are 3-4 of them back to back.

Using the shovel on a weapon should give you a little bit of money back so it can be used more strategically when you have several cars coming at one tower and not much you can do other than watch yourself lose.

There's a huge lack of content here. A simple thing that could make the game better immediately would be to add a description of what the weapons or shovel does when you hover your mouse over it. We just assume that the second weapon is better than the first, but without playing them with some trial and error we don't really know what the difference will be. If I hadn't read your author comments I would have never guessed that other item was a shovel. I thought it was some sort of sign that could block the cars temporarily.

You could also do things such as add upgrades to weapons. Maybe it would be more beneficial for someone to upgrade a weapon to level 2 instead of buying another gun. The main thing that would make this really fun is adding a variety of weapons and enemies. When I think of playing games like this I think strategy. Not just gun one shoots this fast and gun two shoots faster. Guns that explode and have splash damage, ones that spread into multiple lanes, ones that freeze or jump from one target to another, etc...

Have the game start off super easy. Old junky cars, move onto nicer cars, police vehicles, vans, suv's, trucks, etc... All having their own little characteristics and strategies for defeating them. Things that make people think quickly and can change the way they are playing at any moment. Those things could make this simple not so great game into an awesome game that gives people a reason to return or to continue playing.

A health bar for weapons and also vehicles would be awesome here too. It's almost necessary in games like this. I've seen games where people can toggle the health bar on and off as well. After doing some of those things you could add scores or achievements to make it even more motivating for people to return.

~ Audio ~

The audio was straight forward and clean. There was no background music though? I don't have much to say here other than it would be nice to have some ambient music playing in the background and then give people a mute option if they so choose to not listen to music. You could also have a separate or the mute button to include the sound effects of the weapons as well. It would also be nice to add a little bit of sound to the vehicles. It's kind of bland and boring without these things.

~ Overall ~

An extremely basic gameplay that could be really fun to play if a lot of things were added and cleaned up. Make sure to pay attention to detail in your games when doing art and audio to help improve the overall quality.

Good luck on any future games you create and send a message if you ever want a review.

AndrewBedni228 responds:

Thanks for your review!

the idea of the game is great but the no score part is lame and there is not much skill needed to play this. oh yeah the slow movement is lame at first i thought the game was broken you need a wave start button

AndrewBedni228 responds:

Thanks for your review

Game loaded.
I set few guns. After it screen become black

AndrewBedni228 responds:

Thanks for your review

Credits & Info

2.37 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2018
2:57 AM EDT