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This is a web-build of a 3D puzzle game I'm developing for Oculus Go. I'm putting up a web version for people to try out and give me feedback.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Choose the block colors and puzzle shape when you start a new game. Right-click and drag, Arrow keys, or WASD to orbit the camera. The mouse cursor shows new blocks that'll be placed. Place blocks next to matching colors to score.

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A very nice, intuitive game! At first, the lack of any tutorial or instructions was confusing, but after the first click it was clear what we were set out to do. It feels good to get those nice, long cascades after "excavating" around certain veins! Also, I really appreciate the color choices you've got here -- as a colorblind person (not entirely, just to blues) it can be very difficult with these timed games where determining the color of a block is key! These colors were thankfully very, very distinct, and hard to confuse with one another. So kudos for that!

If I had to make one suggestion, I'd say it would be cool if there was a sort of "zen" mode, where there may be no time limit, or perhaps a random mode, with the amount of colors and shape of the piece is randomized between each level.

As a previous commentator said: from one developer to another, well done!

i really like this game the only problem is the shading for where you place the cubes, green shading seems very light so its kinda diffcult to see what color you have but still very good

A simple idea turned into something addicting. Every time you beat a level or break cubes, you always get some sort of satisfaction. I like how the puzzles a procedurally gernerated, that was a really good idea and a good way of bringing a different variety of levels.

Although this project is in a demo stage, it already feels like a real and fun game I would want to download and play IMMEDIATELY!

From one developer to another, well done!

jhocking responds:

I'm glad you like it! One of the first things I did from early feedback was incentivize cascades even more, because that was their favorite part of the game and they wanted it to feel even more satisfying.

allow us to move the camera with the left mouse button. it makes no sense that you can't.

when popups come up for ending a level or a game over. let us click continue IMMEDIATELY. even a short 1-3 second wait gives the game an extremely ugly unpolished feel. i want to move past shit i don't care about IMMEDIATELY.

let us start at higher levels. i don't like the early levels at all. just let us specify the size of the figure.

get much better more fitting music.

jhocking responds:

Come to think of it, the wait is no longer needed, so I'll get rid of it. I actually added that on purpose because so many early testers accidentally clicked through the popup. However that was also before I added the pause for remaining blocks exploding, and the problem was players were in the middle of clicking when the popup abruptly appeared.

I'll also add an option to start at higher levels. However using right-mouse instead of left-mouse for moving the camera is pretty sensible; I'm sorry you don't agree, but since left-mouse already places blocks, doing double duty with that button would be confusing.

Amazing concept! I feel as though the end of a puzzle should be shorter, it feels really long. I really enjoyed playing this game and hope to see it improve! I would love to see it on other platforms like the switch or PS4! I canèt wait for the Oculus version to come out!

jhocking responds:

I don't have console ports planned, but they aren't out of the question either. I've even thought about Switch...

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3.55 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2018
1:20 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other