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This is a web-build of a 3D puzzle game I'm developing for Oculus Go. I'm putting up a web version for people to try out and give me feedback.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Choose the block colors and puzzle shape when you start a new game. Right-click and drag, Arrow keys, or WASD to orbit the camera. The mouse cursor shows new blocks that'll be placed. Place blocks next to matching colors to score.


Interesting idea, but theres literally no challenge. You dont even have to look for the best spots, its literally just put them anywhere that has even a single matching color until you clear about half the screen and you auto-win.

So, you made a dumber version of Majong and put it in 3d with some more movement and controls....
Yippee for you and the total lack of imagination.

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Good game but could have more content put into it.

Nice game starts out too easy but gets down right evil later on. Should add some power-ups and really needs some balancing with that time.

Easiest way to win this game for me is to look from an above view and just spam blocks really fast while hovering your mouse in circles, making the game seem less skill base and more rng base.

I did the 5 colors diamond and return to the default by dying which is 3 colors square and i got yellow cubes to place but the square had no yellow cubes. The yellow cubes happens to be last colors cubes i died with from the 5 color.

It's a nice interface as a web game and I imagine it could be even cooler on Oculus. It's a fun experience for a little bit simply because of that, but when it comes to actual gameplay it didn't seem like there was really any strategy or puzzle solving involved. It might be nice for a very casual gamer but it wasn't my cup of tea. I got bored after playing a couple of levels with 5 colors and not seeing a real challenge, but if it does get challenging after a while then I'd say to give an option to start off with tougher settings.

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jhocking responds:

The level of difficulty is definitely one thing I'm looking to tune from feedback. Right now it starts out really easy on purpose and then ramps up hard, but I'm not sure if it's TOO easy at the beginning. As you note, I'm shooting for a pretty casual gamer (since the Oculus Go is pretty casual VR).

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3.49 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2018
1:20 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other