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CH9: Cyber Devil

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Author Comments

Another (robot) day, another game. What the hell is going on this time?

- You follow the mouse.
- You shoot automatically.
- Anything in front of your gun takes damage.
- Avoid bullets that aren't your colour.
- Eat bullets that are.
- Click to change colour.
- Absorb enough energy to launch it back.

Also, C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER as far as the Arkham titles are concerned. Considering what the final boss of "Cyber Hell" was going to be, we were left with a rare opportunity.

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i just want to listen to the music. AAAAAA....

I thought this was Wreck It Ralph!!!!! I was confused on the thumbnail!!! 🤣



Twas an honor to be a part of this! :) And it turned out... one that I think I'll actually be able to complete! :D That Romero-like spot in the middle: awesome! Enemies and attack mode's all smooth like usual, and the character switch an entertaining detail - even if it does make for the occasional click at the wrong time, and additional co-ordination challenge if you choose to try really playing as both (easier to just focus on the one). I guess the super secret medal's completing the game without absorbing a single bullet hmm... but third crappy ending... hmmmm! Any clues? Thanks for the homage/feature/thing!


Could use some work but I like the Ikaruga inspiration