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Alex Lefkowitz (1986-2018): Celebration of Life's Works

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NG Lost an oldschool member with the death of Alex Lefkowitz (aka. aml51z) on June 22, 2018. He and I had a close online relationship from 2001-2005 and unfortunately grew apart since then. He had deleted his account in the early 2010s for personal reasons.

I created this video as my farewell to him. The first part explores his works that were completed and published to the internet and then dives into some hard-to-find unreleased material of his that never got to see the light of day.

Alex's website is here: https://guarded-shore-28456.herokuapp.com/

Since recording this video, NG user RedactedProfile has come forward to say he created the memorial web page. I sent him Alex's incomplete work and it will be added to the archive to keep his memory alive. https://redactedprofile.newgrounds.com/

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Wow! I had no idea that he passed away. He was really cool when I first knew him... That's really sad to see that he passed away. He had created some great content back in the day.

Doomhammr responds:

Didn't you have a falling out for some reason? I remember you made that video making fun of him. I ain't even mad. He probably would have laughed looking back on it.

you know, I've never been able to quite put into words how I thought Alex was able to pull off so much at a time where online marketing and self pimping wasn't on the mind of every content creator.

It's only just now occurred to me how "branded" his stuff was. He didn't make content squarely for his own website or brand, it was for "FreeWorldGroup" or "TxMafia" or "ArcadeTown" that kind of thing. Which tells me he went out of his way to strike some branding or exclusivity deal with his content and got himself out there.

I highly respect that. He made a business out of it during a time that wasn't easy to do.

Doomhammr responds:

I never thought of that before. He really was ahead of his time once he found his groove with Flash.

And he REALLY made a name for himself for his controversial projects to the point where it made it tough for him to get work.

Rest in Peace.

Doomhammr responds:

Just passed the one year anniversary of his passing. His parents had a memorial ceremony in New York.

This is his older brother Jonathan and I thank you for this tribute. I was with him in the early stages of him learning flash and I was very proud of him regardless of how offensive or how much in trouble he got in to. Our family really appreciates this deeply and we see how many people he really has touched over the years.

Doomhammr responds:

I wouldn't nearly be as good of a programmer had it not been for his help. I wish you all the strength and resolve to get through this tough time.

This is Alex's mom. I want to thank everyone for paying tribute to my son here. It really means a lot to me. His passing was sudden and heartbreaking, but playing his games help that hurt just a little bit. We were very close and used my computer to play games when he visited my store.
Thank you to Newgrounds! Alex loved this site and was a part of this site for many years! A special thank you to Doomhammer for putting this together!


Doomhammr responds:

Thanks for the kind words, Bernadette. Since I found out last Monday, I had been going through his portfolio, wishing we were kids again without jobs and bills to worry about. Newgrounds was a site that blew open the imaginations of a lot of kids and put them on the path of programming and artistic careers. Alex accomplished so much in his life and I plan to make sure his legacy soldiers on.

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Jul 6, 2018
9:54 PM EDT

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