Trial And Terror

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Trial And Terror is a first game by Stargazer Studio.
It's an abstract minimalist action puzzle with retro feel.
Players must reach the end of each level without touching the enemies.
Feedback is more than welcome :)

Soundtrack: snayk - euphoria.
Influences: Pokemon GBA Games, World's Hardest Game, Super Hexagon, VVVVVV,


i think this game is really good the music was great but it is HARD. i really enjoy it and cannot beat it!

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stargazerstudio responds:

Hehe I'm glad you find it fun! :)

Really enjoyable game! I actually didn't mind the music either, probably because I was concentrating so hard on the actual game. Nice and simple, very challenging at times, not too fustrating and most importantly it is actually do-able without wanting to smash the keyboard in! Good job!

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stargazerstudio responds:

Thanks a lot!!!!!!!

Pretty cool stuff! I find the gameplay pretty fun, dig the puzzley action style, and the minimal art style is pretty nice, in my opinion. My main complaint with this, and I don't know if this has been mentioned before, is that there really isn't any indication when the player hits an enemy, you just start back at the beginning. So there were a few times where I would hit an enemy and not even realize it for a few seconds, and just wonder where I was. It would be nice if there was a little sound effect, screen shake, or maybe a little particle explosion, anything that indicates you've hit an enemy. Otherwise, really well done, and I look forward to seeing what else you come up with! Good luck.

stargazerstudio responds:

Thanks man, it means a lot to me :) I like your art!

Addictive game! I liked that it was not easy, though it has random difficulty levels. Even with the choice to mute or not, the music could be better, but no one of this details made this a bad game. Congrats!

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stargazerstudio responds:

Thanks a lot man, I appreciate it and im very glad you like the game!!! :)

Fast paced and a little bit of luck

The gameplay is simple with using arrow keys to move and try reaching the end while hitting as little as possible on the way. No death count or time trial mode so it was not all bad.

The music fits and does not distract from the game itself.

Overall, not bad, kind of reminds me of Fracuum a bit, which was also a fun minimal style game on here. :)

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stargazerstudio responds:

I'm glad you liked the game :) I wanted to make it simple as possible so it works on mobile too :)

Thanks for commenting !

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3.70 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2018
5:42 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle