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Bloom Room

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A wholesome simulation game where you are hired as the new florist to a beautiful shop. Complete various requests for customers and make unique arrangements. Cheesy dialogue ensues.

Known Bugs:

- Sometimes, if you take too long to click "Done," there is no result screen. Reload the game.

- Mail button sometimes does not work. Reload the game.

- Scrolling/rotating does not work for some mouses and trackpads. Sorry.

Created by Elizabeth Y. (lizart.co.vu)

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This is really cute! I really like the idea and the art of it. It is a bit short and a little confusing at first, but it has great potential! I think it could be like a do this kind of arrangement, and receive new flowers or upgrades to the shop. Nevertheless, it is an adorable game and I enjoyed playing it.

too short nice. I would erase the code for when you access the letters that say you have a new request, just show it unless you can get other kinds of letters.

needs alot more work

If I am being honest the music does not seem to keep in time with itself, like one instrument rushes and the other's dragging, all the while just being off-beat, and that's like whatever, maybe it's an art choice?? But also the game is real glitchy, and I don't know what I am supposed to do with the flowers. I think it's a really cute and good idea, maybe just needs a little game design and programming work, which I know is tricky, but I believe you got this far, so you can do it!
I think I'd give it a 4 for creativity, but only about a 1.5 for gameplay, so I am going to round it to a vote of 2.5 stars! I hope this was helpful (:

fransu responds:

Heya, this is super helpful feedback! This was my first attempt at a lot of things, including coding and music-making, so yeah there are some *questionable* choices I did with this game to work my way around my incompetency. Thanks for playing and giving a good critique, I'll work harder in the future!

The game looks good, it seems like a nice beta but it has some problems.

When i put a flower so hard in the jar it goes thru the bottom glass, also, at any point of the game, i started spaming a lot of flowers and it triggers the "Good job, the customer loved it" goes to the next request, and in the end, if you do it when you get to the "full ownership" and you spam the flowers, you get it again and it goes to an empy blank, with the game's backgroung.

Either way, it can become a good, innocent simple game, so keep it up.

fransu responds:

haha yeah unfortunately there are lots of glitches here and there that I have no idea how to fix. Thank you for pointing them out and giving the encouragement to continue working on this game!

Credits & Info

2.81 / 5.00

Jul 2, 2018
7:44 PM EDT