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Use the keyboard to enter JavaScript to graph.

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Fun stuff. Nice work!

I like the initiative, with some more refinements this could be really cool, in particular it is lacking a good interface for the user input. Unless I have the Math Object docs on me it's not very useful, these could be provided in the Gadget. It's also missing labels and units for the Axes in the data plot.

There could be some buttons for functions that return valid point data to the plotter, at least. This would have the user just press buttons and combine them for different results. The way it is now it's easy to misuse it to just parse JavaScript as opposed to plotting Math stuff (which is the purpose of this Gadget). Typing ;alert(''penis") was like the first thing I did.

carverh responds:

Yah, it just evals javascript and graphs.

This does not belong here. It's not a game.

carverh responds:

It is categorized under Gadgets. By that logic "the NG Calculator"(https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/253948) shouldn't exist.

this is ok but its not a game in order for there to br a game you need to have a action = result in this eample you have problem but no resultion.

carverh responds:

The action is you type something in and the result is it graphs it.

It's beatiful ! Thanks !

if(x > 100 && x < 200) {Math.random()*250}