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Pong3D is my first 3D game made with the unity3d game engine. Have fun :)

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This unity version of Pong has issues. It crashed the first two times that I tried to played it. When it finally loaded, it was very slow. Lag can ruin even the best game. Graphics are low quality and should be improved.

qt01 responds:

You have a very bad pc and a very bad internet conection if you can't play this.

Tbh it's not that bad for your first ever 3d game. It's quite buggy and you could have worked harder on looks, but I see that clearly wasn't your goal. You made a game that (mostly) works, and that's what counts. Gg.

qt01 responds:

Thanks :)

extremely boring, there is no challenge, no music, very dull!

qt01 responds:

there is music lol

Sorry dude, but this sucks. I was expecting something a little bit more decent myself, but then I saw that this was your first attempt to make a 3D game.

First off, the menu sucks. The buttons are not all in one vertical line, which makes it looks quite bad. On top of that, the background was not changed at all. It's the default one (correct me if I'm wrong).

And then we move on to the gameplay. The CPU does not move almost at all and the ball does not go back to the center of the field when somebody scores. I kind of like the way the player object moves though.

Moving on to the SFX and the music. There are no sound effects (as far as I'm concerned), but there's music. It's fine, but for a 3D pong game I was expecting a drum n' bass track or something like that. Still though, it's fine.

Lastly, let me talk about the graphics. They're not good. They're just basic 3D models. You didn't edit them much. You only changed the color of each one. On top of that, the background while playing is default.

Next time I would suggest you to fix how the game works, but also how the game looks. This project was fine for practicing, but I wouldn't say that it's good...

qt01 responds:

Thanks for your feedback, that was good criticism not like other reviews I got

I love the music, however in single player the other cube doesn't really move, other than that this is a pretty decent way to kill some time

qt01 responds:

Thanks :) , the singleplayer sucks as I suck at making good AI and I just made it move from space to space randomly

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1.90 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2018
3:23 AM EDT