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This is a game based on inside joke which you won't get unless you're one of my sperg friends. Other than that, it's an alright Final Fantasy-esque boss rush.

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The music is a bit loud and I really found myself wishing for a mute button or some kind of volume control in the game itself. I enjoyed the different music tracks though.

This is also definitely not the kind of game in which I expected to see CUTSCENES of all things, and I have to say, kudos. As for the rest of the art, I kind of wish you had stuck with pixel art OR that MS Paint look and not had both, but it works for the goofy kind of game this is.

Also, I'm sure you probably already know, but beating the game seems to break it a bit, with some overlapping music and the character ends up outside of the screen. And for anyone struggling to beat the bosses, try using your magic Heal after getting hit a couple of times. Other than that it's mostly luck!

Game seems to work, but it's not very fun. Maybe it would if I was one of your sperg friends, but I'm not.

nice game

One day I would like to be in on a inside joke. Other than that it was a good final fantasy style game.