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Children Never Sleep

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Children should sleep before they have bad dreams.

Hello everyone, it's been a while! My team and I spent a long time and a lot of work on this one, hopefully we made it in time to compete in the BadDreamJam (worked on it till the last minute!) and I hope everyone likes it.

Until next time folks!

Holy guacamole, my very first front page... I feel loved...

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The beginning when the kids are making shadow puppets is funny. Pretty much what my brother and I do every night

Squiggins responds:

Same! Thanks for the 5 stars buddy!

This is dreadful. I love it! This is a pretty great story!

I yearn for more.
I am not demanding more or urging you to do so.
I just love stories. Especially these types of stories .-.

Squiggins responds:

Ah, a fellow storyteller connoisseur! Thank you for your kind words!

Well all you gotta do is go to his Twitter account, you send it to him, and that's that!

Squiggins responds:

Oh wow! That's awesome! Wow any way I can thank him for his support?

the only thing i want to do is fill that mom with semen.
too many jumpscares

Now that was terrifying!!!!!!!!!
This definitely would have given me nightmares as a kid.

Squiggins responds:

Thank you for the review! Uber glad you liked it!