Dream Wizard

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So I couldn't get everything done in time for the deadline for the Bad Dream animation Jam. I was working on this up til the last minute but I just had too much o this month to get it as olished as I would have liked, Had to cut a lot of stuff just to get it to this point so may come back to this to give it all the scenes I drafted and fix the pacing and fix the sound design.

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This is a great little video, love the animation style although the end few seconds were a little to quick for me. The difference in style between the kid and the wizard gave this short animation an extra dimension.

KloudKat responds:

Yeah I was working down to the wire on this one so it came out a little sloppy. Now that the pressure is off to submit on time, I can actually fix the speed issues and actually do the soundscape and foley properly.

I like it! With some background music and some SFX this would be really solid! Keep up the great work!

KloudKat responds:

Thanks for that! Working on fixing all the issues over the next few days. I'm really fond of this cartoon so I'm nowhere near satisfied with it yet.

Great style, and it was kind of funny, but there was a HUGE, IMMENSE lack of sound effects. Also I was kind of lost towards the end.

KloudKat responds:

Preaching to the choir. Had I not had to work at a convention over the weekend before submission, I'd have definitely been able to submit it first go with the sound work. Now I can get to work on actually doing that and fixing some of the clarity because there was a bit I had to cut for the submission date.

Nice stuff, loved the animation. Still needs a lot of work, but I think it'll be awesome. Cheers

KloudKat responds:

Thanks! Now that the pressure to submit to the animation jam is over, I can take my time and really build a nicer soundscape and iron out some kinks.

Voice acting was good, but the lack of sound really hurt this. Imagine some wacky children's cartoon music playing when they went into the nightmare, it would have been infinitely funnier. The idea is cool, and I like the joke, and the animation is good, but this just hurt it a lot. I appreciate the ™at the end of Dream Wizard™.

KloudKat responds:

Thanks a lot for the feedback! Yeah the first thing I thought when I hit upload was just "This sounds super flat". I'll be reposting it in a few days with better sound now that the submission pressure is off.

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3.76 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2018
7:34 AM EDT
Comedy - Original