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Futile Attempt of Killing Mosquito (English Subbed Toki Pona Song)

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I hate mosquito. They're very annoying in summer days. This is my attempt to make an hilarious song about killing a mosquito. Hope that you'd like it! :)

It's my first serious animation project in my life. A part of the music were made during my practice before Global Game Jam 2018.

Resources for remixing this piece of music is available. They can be used for changing the vocal and remixing of the music, as well as making new subtitles for the animation. For details, please refer to this official blog post: https://sadale.net/55/

Music made with LMMS with vocal recorded with Audacity.
Animated with Synfig with base graphic drawn with Inkscape.

The language of this song is Toki Pona. It's a minimalist language with only 123 words in the entire language. It can be mastered in weeks.

Translated Lyrics:
During summer, mosquitoes are entering my home
They're black, little and gross
I sprayed mosquito repellent against them
Most of them died in no time
But one of them survived strong!

It took a flight to my front. And I tried slapping it
Shortly after that it escaped to my back!
I looked at the mosquito behind me and slapped it
It got to the bottom, got to the top and got to everywhere around me

Mosquito enters my home from window
I'm closing the windows so that they can't enter my home
With the windows closed, mosquitoes can't enter my home anymore
I guess I can sleep well tonight
It turns out that mosquito came before I closed the windows!
(repeats refrain)

But one of them survived strong!
(repeats refrain)
I can't get asleep at all! I'm infuriated! Damn it!

nimi mute pi kalama musi (Original Lyrics in Toki Pona):
tenpo seli la pipi~ mute li tawa tomo mi a!
ona li pimeja li lili li jaki
mi kepeken e telo moli tawa pipi mute ni a!
tenpo lili la ona mute li moli.
taso pipi wan li lon wawa li moli ala!

nimi mute lawa:
ona li tawa kon sinpin mi a!
mi pakala e ni.
tenpo lili la ona li tawa monsi mi!
mi lukin e pipi lon monsi mi li pakala e ni.
ona li tawa anpa li tawa sewi li tawa poka ali mi.

pipi li kama tawa tomo mi tan lupa tomo mi a!
mi pini e lupa tomo mi tan pipi.
lupa pini la pipi li ken ala kama e tomo mi.
tenpo pimeja ni la mi ken lape a!
taso tenpo pi lupa open la pipi li kama!

(o toki kalama e nimi mute lawa sin!)

taso pipi wan li lon wawa li moli ala!
(o toki kalama e nimi mute lawa sin!)
mi ken ala lape a! mi pilin ike mute mute a! pakala!

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An amazing vocal performance, an incredibly moving narrative and a relatable protagonist. These are the ingredients that make this underrated gem of toki pona culture what it is.

10/10 makes me want to pakala some pipi ike

One of the best animation in the minimalistic conlang Toki Pona (some 123 words, 14 sounds/letters and 10 grammar rules)

Credits & Info

2.88 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2018
10:00 AM EDT