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Bad Dream Jam entry, dedicated to everyone who gets those horribly visceral dreams that just take it out of you, ya know? Also I'm in the process of moving, and was worried I wouldn't be able to complete anything for the Bad Dream Jam, but I did! Really hope you enjoy.

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I really enjoyed the scrambled text bit and text-speaking overall, and minimalistic tune at the end . Really adds to the uncertainty and uneasiness of it.
For me it leaves a long-lasting feeling that the bad dream never ended and it will keep going. The dream itself is dangerous and functions as the distorted anticipation to the the future or the past. The only way to stop its effects is to never let the events of it happen, to never put yourself into them, which is why the character calls off sick, never going to work, unaccepting the possibilities of the dream repeating. It might be dangerous for others and is certainly harmful to him, as he loses his job, but he just accepts it knowing that it is only going to get worse if he continues.
Also cool circular-window effect. I noticed that dream's field of view works similar to this, but I never imagined it as a circle.

sadtape responds:

Really appreciate this responce. I had a dream that was somewhat similar to this, unpleasant mostly in what I did rather than what was done to me. Then the post bad dream haze you wake up in, thats something im sensetive about and wanted to touch on. Your take on the phone call is more elaborate than my own, and I think theres alot of truth to it.

Youre really weird, and i love it. Helping me deal with a bad day at the office. Keep up with the good work.

sadtape responds:

thank you, thats one of the best compliments I've received!

Terrific video, the final phone is really sticking in my mind.

sadtape responds:

Thanks, means a whole lot to me.

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Woah the cinematic feel is great. Even though they are like paper or something, you can really put yourself in the dream sequence. Pretty fricken cool dude!

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Jun 23, 2018
2:05 PM EDT