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Dream Cuisine (Bad Dream Jam)

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Here is my entry for the Bad Dream Jam, a soulful slice of lucid cooking to put your mind at ease. Too bad fresh dreams have a short shelf life.

I got a late start on this project, and it sure shows, but it feels good to have done some more animating after a long break. I also finally found a good use for one of my old unfinished compositions, so hey, two birds..

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This video was totally over all original. I absolutely like it a lot.

Cool style.
I wish a little more happened.

I like the style

I really like the expressive shapes you used for your character designs, nice animation!


So for me this is a great film here But before I do continue on with the review, its been fun watching this you have some good and clever ideas in here. Wow that was a really "SHORT" film you should try and make this longer and with more content, its a good artistic film just wish it was longer.

you should try and make this longer and with more content