Survival of the Fetus

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(Title Screen KickStarter button is blocked on NG! Please don't click!)
Ant0on and I have worked quite a long time on this, so we are excited to know what you guys think about this demo! If you like it and wanna make the full game happen check out our nearly-aborted Kickstarter page!

Huge thanks to LexRodent for providing all the music!!

KickStarter campaign:

For more information check out the official Survival of the Fetus landing page! http://impulsegamestudios.com/sotf/

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amazing game and hard

There's quite a lot to like about the game from the clean animations and cutscenes, and I admittedly had a good bit of fun with the flinging/clean up sections. However, there would be times where attempting to pick up the fetus would be unresponsive and the difficulty would spike to ridiculous levels very early in the game. The maze sections are personally not very fun and gave me TMNT nes vietnam flashbacks only much worse because now your fetus dies in one hit. I think it's good enough for a quick burst of fun, but I can't really see this holding interest for very long, solid presentation aside.

In general, the game itself isn't bad. Has a nice art, style and concept.
For me is not laggy, I suggest people to try it with another browser, because maybe that is the problem.

Repetitive and really laggy for some reason.

A little repetitive, would be better if you can just click and the fetus is already dragged back, instead of having to drag it back every time.

I visited your Kickstarter page and have mixed feelings. On the one hand, you are able to approach the subject of unwanted pregnancy with humor, but I feel your depiction of abortion is too deadpan-menacing to work as parody. I'm not an authority on when somebody attains personhood and won't pretend to be. However, everyone involved in that discussion can benefit from knowing how bad abortions used to be before physicians were formally trained to carry them out.

In 1965, 1 in 6 pregnancy-related deaths was due to an illegal abortion. Because even seeking the procedure was so shameful, desperate women tried sticking hooks and needles up themselves instead of even asking for a reference. They died of infections and internal bleeding. The fetuses died too.

West Virginia, Kentucky, North and South Dakota, Mississippi and Wyoming each have one abortion clinic that is authorized to perform abortions for the entire state today. As an example of how difficult it is to get an abortion in these states, consider Mississippi:

1) First you must drive across the state.
2) Make an appointment (to speak with a state-appointed counselor who will try to dissuade you).
3) Wait at least 24 hours because there is a waiting period and...
4) ...you can only get the procedure on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and...
5) ...they have to fly doctors in from out of state.
6) And you better have $600 for the procedure, not counting transportation and other costs.

I worry I got off track here. Your game is a little boring and honestly, would be worse if it wasn't because then it might actually be effective propaganda toward an ignoble cause.

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3.40 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2018
12:12 PM EDT
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