Survival of the Fetus

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(Title Screen KickStarter button is blocked on NG! Please don't click!)
Ant0on and I have worked quite a long time on this, so we are excited to know what you guys think about this demo! If you like it and wanna make the full game happen check out our nearly-aborted Kickstarter page!

Huge thanks to LexRodent for providing all the music!!

KickStarter campaign:

For more information check out the official Survival of the Fetus landing page! http://impulsegamestudios.com/sotf/


the boss fight is so god dam hard since you can barely click and hold on the fetus, pull it back and slam it into the punches and do that around 5 times in like 3 seconds either make the fight slower, give the player more time to land hits or make the fetus bigger oh and don't even get me started on the maze sections they are hard enough but with the fetus Jesus take the wheel its impossible

like everone said its great just way to laggy>

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Usually, when I play games that are laggy, it will glitch Chrome to the point where I have to close the browser out, which is very annoying to say the least. If you can some how make it to the point where it's playable for some user like me, that will be great. I ,unfortunately, didn't get to play the game, so I'm only giving stars out of pity.

Well game's pretty neat .. but the fact that it eats to much memory on my computer while I play it bugs me .. even my google chromes starting to whack ..

I'm afraid the core mechanic makes this game not enjoyable for me. Trying to frantically grab the fetus every time to shot him again is VERY clunky. Sometimes it doesn't even register as a "grab" even though the cursor is right on it and i have to click another time and in a game that a second can make all the difference that is not acceptable.

If the fetus was "glued" to the curosr and would auto come back to it after being shot it would probably feel a lot more enjoyable. If that messes with some mechanics later on, make it at least auto snap onto the cursor when you mouse over it. Trying to grab it every time is tedious as hell.

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3.51 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2018
12:12 PM EDT
Action - Other