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Sonic VS Pooh

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A DragonBall/One-Punch Man inspired fight between two beloved characters.

This is my first attempt at any frame by frame animation. I thought it'd be a funny match up and good practise. Obviously these would not be a real match for each other and it is all meant in jest.

Music provided by Pokemixr92 from his Youtube channel, go check him out and give him support as his work is awesome.

EDIT: Thank you for all the amazing comments and support! I had attempted to respond to everyone individually but was getting in trouble for spending to much time on my phone at work aha

To answer some recurring questions:

How can Pooh keep up with sonic?
Honestly, there is no rhyme or reason, I only chose these two characters as they have a simple character design and I felt it would easier to practise with. It's the same reason I chose a fight scene, as I'm not good enough for nuanced character acting yet!

However, if I had to think of a reason, according to Disney.Wikia.Com, it is implied Pooh's existence comes from the imagination of Christopher Robin. Therefore, being a figment of a young boys imagination Pooh could be as strong/fast as Christopher wanted... but feel free to make up your own reason, it's not idea I've fleshed out!

Why would they be fighting?
Again, not entirely sure, we could just put it down to Christopher's imagination again, or maybe Pooh's been sharing his honey with Amy... I'll leave that to your imagination!

Why does the music keep cutting?
These were all animated as separate clips which I later realised I could Frankenstein together to make a (slighty) coherent animation. Also my computer isn't very powerful, so after about 20 seconds of animation in Animate CC (Adobe Flash) it slows down to the point it's unusable, so I create separate clips which leads to a cut in the music!

If anyone knows a way around this I would be extremely grateful... The problem being I usually animate to the music so it's difficult to add in post!

Anyways, I hope that answers any questions! I'll take all the constructive criticisms on-board and hopefully have them ironed out before creating the prelude and conclusion! Thanks again!

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Sonic vs poo

Haha I have to say this was actually a good idea here and some nice animation scenes here with some nice art style too but the idea of these two characters was pretty good and nice work


Wow, very impressive!! I wanna see more of this!!

WTF THAT WAS AMAZING TO WATCH! The effects, the animation on them was so great! Like damn! HYPE AF! I have to watch it again! I bet Pooh is just holding back. Let's face it! He's a caring bear that everyone knows! He wouldn't go serious unless... Someone hurts his loved ones... I don't want to know what happens then!

Pooh don't have any chances to win lol!


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3.83 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2018
9:46 AM EDT