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Author Comments

Made it in about 2 hours.
There was a coding error (my bad coding skills) so press B, Y, A at the same time to begin

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It isn't the best game but I am sooooo jealous you made that in 2 hours. It took me a lot longer to do my game in Stencyl and I don't even have pictures....or action.....or really much of anything other than zebra jokes......
Good job.

The game is very buggy in general, where my jumps won't register half of the time and I keep getting caught on edges. The lack of any sort of audio other than the loud, annoying jumping noise is another major issue. The physics are also extremely floaty

MarcusVSGaming responds:


Sadly, there are quite a few issues with this game. While it's excellent that you were able to make this in a few hours, there are some kinks that need to be worked out to make this game playable.

For starters, my flash crashed very quickly after jumping several times. Twice. After around the same amount of time. This has never occurred to me with any other Newgrounds game that I've played, at least as far back as I can remember. Typically the entire tab will crash due to the performance in my computer, but in this instance it was the game itself crashing.

Another issue is the fact that you DO have to press B, Y, and A to get the game to start, and it's quite finicky to begin the game. It took me a few tries the first time, and several the 2nd time to start it.

The monkey tends to slide around on the platforms after you land, which can be on purpose to add difficulty, but to me it just reminds me of the trauma I went through from MapleStory jump quests. (So... much... falling)

A bit of a personal taste for me, but there's no sound for when the monkey dies to audibly recognize that's what occurred and no sound when picking up the grapes. It just feels rather empty to only hear the jumping sound. Plus, no music, so it's super quiet other than hearing the repetitious, "BOING! BOING! BOING! ... BOING," from the monkey's jumps.

The jumping sound also plays even when the monkey doesn't jump. I've noticed this takes place when holding a directional key for going forwards or backwards while trying to jump at the same time, the monkey actually doesn't jump at all, which can actually lead you to falling to your demise if you aren't super careful.

Another issue I found is the monkey not jumping due to the ropes on the tops of the blocks, he'll even get stuck in them unless you move either left or right (depending on how you got stuck) to free him. To clarify, sometimes pressing right won't move the monkey, but pressing left will, and vice versa.

I couldn't get that far in this game, because of the crashes and it honestly felt kind of empty to play. These aren't my typical kinds of games to play to be fair, and I commend you for getting as much done as you did in such a short time frame.

I'm sure with some polish, this game will be good to go for any platforming gamer!

MarcusVSGaming responds:

My focus isn't game development but thanks for the feedback

Credits & Info

2.14 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2018
11:26 PM EDT