The adventure of a cube

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This is the first game I have published so dont expect to much from it. Join my discord server ( https://discord.gg/ff9x9xT )so you dont miss future games.

I made a new and better game https://eclipsestudio.itch.io/pong-alpha
i did not upload it here becouse that did not work.

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Not bad. Although this is your first game, the controls make the game a lot harder than usual. This is probably rage-inducing for a kid who can't handle themselves. I hope your next game is more improved than this one because, this game looks like it was made from an old unity engine and, it's 50/50 with the difficulty.

The graphics are minimal but that doesn't really bother me that much. There's no music either though. The gameplay is okay but there are some annoying issues:

1. The passages are tight so it can be hard to go through them
2. The spaces where you're supposed to hide seem to bounce you away and the only way to stay in them far enough for the enemies to not touch you is to keep holding the direction key while in them. I couldn't stay in some of them even while doing this.

I appreciate that you don't need to get all the buttons in one life, as I definitely would not have been able to beat some levels without it (especially because of problem no. 2).
Overall, for your first game, it's pretty good. Keep practicing and I'm sure you can make something better.

Bad controls, very difficult to enter small spaces and enemies hitboxes are larger than the moon.
not very fun incredibly easy to fall off sometimes the game just stops but it's maybe just an issue with my computer, still not very good at all.

RickL responds:

It is my first game, the second one wil be much better becouse I have learned from making this game. And the Enemy hitboxes are as big as the enemy itself so I cant fix that.

Not bad for a first game! I really loved how there was no delay for retrying. I feel that the collision for the red cube is too sensitive though.

RickL responds:

I know, but i could'nt find a way to fix the bugs i had :-(

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2.38 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2018
11:19 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other