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Worst Nightmare (BadDreamJam)

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Jony finds out the dark truth about the nightmare that would haunt his mind every time he goes to sleep.

It's a BadDreamJam entry. I really like the way it turned out being made in only 3 days (this month is a busy one for me). Oh and yeah... I'm one heck of a slow worker.

I'm also planning on releasing the music (underscore) from this toon to the public later this month.

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Anchovis on pizza are the true devil.

Who doesn't like pineapple pizza! :D Apart from the overly square bed: I have nothing to complain about. Good fun, with trademark dream-like twists. Not bad!


I like pineapple on pizza too.

That was pretty cool.

I lol'd.

For me though, pineapple on pizza doesn't taste like anything. Pineapple isn't good or bad, it's just packing for the cheese, so far as I can tell it's just there to prevent the cheese from getting hard and crusty (so far as I can tell). I have no strong opinion of pineapple either way, so I thought it funny you had a nightmare/cool-dream about it.