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Always Ready to Fight!! ~ #1

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Shun's always ready to fight, but sometimes that's not enough.
Kung fu movies and beat em up games mashed up.
The first six episodes of an ongoing series!

Follow at https://www.instagram.com/ar2fofficial/

I wanna get better, so let me know what you think! Thanks for watching!

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The graphics fit the story pretty well, and the music does too. The music, however, gets repetitive after a while. The story isn't the most original but it's not bad. The action isn't too...action-packed because it's all pixelated and pretty slow with only a couple of moves. Maybe in the next installments you could have some cooler moves, although this does seem like a down-to-earth type of action. It really does feel like a game. I do, however, appreciate the fact that the characters (Lim and Yue) do have their own fighting styles that factor into the fight. Yue's strategy was just the right one for beating Lim. I like it when people think about the fights they make. I'm curious to see what the next episode will be like.

ar2fofficial responds:

Thank you so much for watching and taking the time to leave some feedback! I appreciate your point about the music getting repetitive. I've been posting one part at a time on twitter/insta so I didn't really notice how repetitive it sounds once the parts are compiled. I'll have to consider this for the next compilation.

I'm glad that you picked up on their different styles. I will be adding more moves as more skilled fighters and techniques start to appear!

Interesting story and nice animation style although not one that is suited well for martial arts animation because characters are mostly heads and not limbs.

I just hope the main character doesn't end up as the strongest because he busted some crates, that would be totally implausible. As Bruce Lee said "Boards don't hit back" and training with objects cannot substitute sparring against a real opponent.

ar2fofficial responds:

Thank you for watching and taking the time to leave feedback! When creating more attacks I'll try to make them more readable - I hadn't really considered the small limbs posing an issue, but I really see your point now!

I'm glad that you found the story interesting! I'll keep your feedback in mind as I produce the next episodes. As for who's the strongest... I'm not really even sure yet! I'll try to keep the story as plausible as possible, though, and really appreciate your comments.