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Super Ryona World 2

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Its time for another adventure in the Super Ryona World Series. As your mother goes on adventures, so must you! Platform your way through exciting levels to test your skills. Fight some bosses and collect hats to allow you to jump higher, swim faster, shoot fireballs and even throw hammers! Play local co-op two players during game play to enjoy with friends and family anytime. Don't loose your hat, bounce and dodge enemies. Your new adventure awaits, what are you waiting for.

WASD: Move/Doors/Pipe
N: Run/Hold
M: Jump/Enter level

ArrowKeys: Move/Doors/Pipe
Numpad 2: Run/Hold
Numpad 3: Jump

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・Controles are Not bad.
・Pixel arts are Not bad.

・Despire Title have "Ryona", This Game doesn't have a feature that looks like "Ryona".
・Music isn't bad, But The length of the music is short.
・You can't move directly to the next level in the map screen.
・Can't Check Your current remaining lives in Stage.

a SMB3 clone, but with very sluggish controls, very lunkish, and altogether kinda boring. i wish i could say the music, multi-player, or power-ups save it, but for some reason, i'm not getting any sound, the multi-player is same-comp only (not that with my luck, it'd help me to have otherwise, but i'm trying to say that it's unhelpful and messes with the ability to have different controls), and the power-ups not always useful (i.e. boomerang is useless on return).

sorry, but just because it could truthfully be a lot worse doesn't mean it couldn't also benefit from some serious adjustments. perhaps the next entry will some improvement, if you don't feel it prudent to release a retooled version of this iteration at some later date.

Mario clone, bored by stage 2, coco grass.
Sluggish responses, so-so music (repetitive and unimpressive) , not sure if playing as boy or girl? Hrm.. Looks like some work went into it though, even if it is a shoddy final product. Keep developing your abilities, and earn 3 more stars.

Well, you know what they say. Why play mario, when you can play bad mario clone with horrible controls.

The first thing I noticed about this game is how incredibly bad the frame rate is. Everything moves at a snail's pace and moving your player feels like you are walking through a pool. The music in this game is downright annoying on many levels, the notes are all over the place and it feels like the songs were just slapped together out of random notes (not to mention, the music does not loop properly). The sound effects are as basic as you can get for games trying to be "retro", it's monotonous but the sounds themselves aren't particularly bad in their own right. The graphics are also very basic as Mario clones go, but my biggest complaint is that there isn't enough detail in the backgrounds. These graphics feel more like Super Nintendo than NES which is fine, but if you want to go in that direction you really need to put at least a few extra details. Like for the overworld stages why not add a few mountains or a waterfall? Something to give the game more "depth" instead of a blue sky with nothing but emptyness for miles and miles.

I'm not saying this game is downright terrible, I'm saying that it needs quite a lot more work done on it for it to be considered a decent Mario-clone platformer.