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Paul wears Prada

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Paul becomes insecure of his appearance and fears the worst. Rob must boost his fathers confidence by giving him a good old fashioned makeover



Created by Mike Lewis
Storyboarded by Adrien Pierre

Mike lewis and Josh Fernandes(JZA)

Bg Design - Mike Lewis and Josh Fernandes(JZA)

Rob and Paul- Mike Lewis
Giraffe - Jenni Nexus
Peacock - the Eighth hour
Random Fat Black Guy, Jesus,
Ganesha, and Video gane announcer - also Mike Lewis

"Too sexy for my fur"
Written(spoofed) and edited
by Mike Lewis

Voice artist - the eighth hour

Special thanks to
Tj peabody
Maribel Orozco (for lynn the asian character)

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Cute little animation here

The art quality was notbad and the bears are cute and make for a delightful serries here you should for sure make more of these with more bars and such, but anyways a good little toon you have here I was really enjoying this, it has some good humor, so keep that up.

Make more of these silly bear toons.


theBEARtrap responds:

Thank you for your kind review. We are definitely in the works with more bears! Bear with us and we will do our best to push em out! Cheerios!

You really should add some more pillows for your fans. :P Violent but entertaining! Good stuff.


theBEARtrap responds:

Thank you for catching some of easter eggs! Definately consider more pillows!

Great work on this one. The verbal jokes are really strong in this one with a decent story. I love it. Keep on working, you deserve more exposure :D

theBEARtrap responds:

You know we will! Thank you so much!

i wanna see more of this.

theBEARtrap responds:

Thank you we definately have alot more story with these two