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Waffle Up!

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​Waffle Up! is a 2d clicker game with random events and over demand to make it much harder to get to a point where you cannot lose

it can be downloaded here:

Game has no sounds because they somehow got corrupted when changing the file from exe to html5 so if you want to hear the sounds go download it

Programmed by: HIM
Art by: Somefarang
Music and sfx by: steveblu

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Random event: 600 buck stolen ... really?

Also, the time it would take to read the events causes much more losses than they could potentially yield. Therefore always clicked NO.

The employee doesn't do anything. Normally there are DPC (damage per click) and DPS (damage per second). You call it DPS but actually it's DPC. Sooo ... no gaining point over time at all !!! Is that what you intended to do?

Having one employee seems to fill the bar and no additionally one can be brought. and since none of the other upgrades enlarges the bar (something like more space for workers) ...

All in all the game just looks like a raw construct which needs to be finished. So no good rating from me.

possukomppanja responds:

actually there is dps its just that you lose more money if you don't click and the building upgrades make the max ammount bigger

and yes i understand and i wish i had more time to balance it better

Short-ish ratings explanation: This game loses a lot (starwise) for questionable mechanics and somewhat bland events. The interface feels a bit clunky, but I like how it looks (kind of a sucker for this style). I feel the concept isn't really explored in depth as it could have been.

Game feels unbalanced and buggy. Over demand bar doesn't seem to move after reaching the max value. Money seems to jump frequently between $0 and -$1000 without explanation or reason. When in the red, no amount of clicking will bring back to being in the black, so have to wait for some kind of prompted event or one of those times when money just randomly goes to back to 0. In those cases where it does go back to 0, it seems to quickly revert to $-1000 within one or two clicks of making a purchase of sugar, which is the only thing that's even affordable at the moment. Indeed, it seems *frighteningly consistent* in this regard. The monetary weirdness also allows for occurences such as actually *gaining* money when a thief steals from you.

It feels a bit like you decided to cap the negative dollar amount at 1000, then when an event occurs (for example) it resets the dollar amount back to 0 for some reason. However, there is a separate variable which is *not reset*, and this variable is periodically checked to determine how many dollars the player has, thus the jump back to being in the maximum amount of debt. If you have a separate variable that is not capped trying to pull money below $-1000 (I have no idea if this is case since I can't see your code), do not let this happen. If you do have something like this, I would cap it at some reasonable value as well.

If you only get $10 a click, you shouldn't be losing $100000 every 10 seconds, for example... even if the player hypothetically owes more money and therefore more "interest". If you want this kind of feature, then you may as well say "You're bankrupt. Game over." instead of continuing the charade when there is no possible way for the player to dig themselves out of the hole they find themselves in. If you do not want this feature, well... It's effectively what the late game looks like. And the mid game... And the early game. Pretty much the entire game is the player losing more and more money for reasons that are unclear, then occasionally exploiting what feels like a glitch(or at least, a nonsensical feature) to buy things occasionally.

The DPS box seems to have stopped working as well. It's at 0, regardless of what I do or don't do. Though frankly, I'm not sure it was ever working in the first place. I suspect it may have fallen foul of the same variable(s) involved in making sure every 10 or so seconds that I have no money.

There are events, yes. But there isn't enough variety, nor do they really hold the interest. It would be more interesting if, for example, you could hire a security guard to decrease the likelihood you are stolen from, which in turn could trigger a different sequence of events/choices, e.g. "let the thief go" or "call the police". This could give the player the illusion (however fleeting) that what they do matters to the "story". Having (paraphrasing) "He says thanks and walks away" as a response in two different instances when there's so little to begin with also feels a little lazy(creatively speaking). Really, have fun with it. Like maybe, in the case of the homeless guy he instead vomits onto your shoe and stumbles off into a bush or something. If you want the events to be one of the things that separates your game from the pack, then make them stand out.

To be fair to the game, I did a second playthrough, but on this attempt I fared little better. At first, I was doing reasonably well. On the first day, I just clicked nonstop and made a couple upgrades careful not to spend so much that I'd wind up with less than $0 in the case of an unfavorable event outcome. On day 2, I continued to gain money, not buying anything. Then on day 3, shortly after getting above $1000, without warning my money reset to .... *drum roll* :p .... $0. Maybe this was on purpose... if it was, this was bad design. If I lose all my money, I want to know why. Alternatively, perhaps this was a bug. But a money clicker where there are problems with the money count of all things... this is about the worst thing that could possibly go wrong with your game.

In summation, there just isn't much here. It's certainly not an idle game. If you stop clicking, you lose money. But it's not much of a clicker game either. Even if you don't stop clicking, you still lose money when it resets to $0 without explanation (as I established during my second playthrough). The end result of my every playthrough (of three... full disclosure) has been the money value waffling between $0 and $-1000. Money in this game feels more like a quantum thought experiment (Schrödinger's cat comes to mind). And yet, I feel relatively confident stating that the principles of quantum mechanics probably don't come up too much in the management of a waffle stand. IF there were such a game that convinced me "yes, understanding quantum blah blah is vital to running a waffle stand" I would be *quite interested* in playing it. Unfortunately, this is not that game.

Credits & Info

2.70 / 5.00

May 31, 2018
10:32 AM EDT