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Vaporwave Breakout

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Just a little practice-project I made w/ @Lileaves (on Twitter) in about 5 days

==5/28/2018 v1.0.0==
-Initial release.

==5/29/2018 v1.0.1==
-Ball now bounces off the paddle at a random angle.

==6/1/2018 v1.0.2==
-Ball now doesn't bounce off the paddle randomly, instead bounces off the paddle at whatever angle it hits

==6/4/2018 v1.0.3==
-Added new SFX for ball + paddle + bricks
-Added instruction screen
-Minor bug fixes

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Loved it, but it really needs more stuff

I feel like there was definitely an aesthetic charm to the fact that at its core, this is a very early video game, but there is a heavy weight on the fact that millions of block breaking variants and clones populate the internet. However, there are many opportunities to improve and make this a pretty neat little game. I will say I was curious by the title, and definitely felt relaxed and eager to finish at least a level.
I think the art was good, it definitely had an MSPaint feel to it, but I still felt as though it could be smoother and a little even in places such as the lower grid. I enjoy vaporware imagery and music, so I think it would be cool in future additions to have additional levels with more art, and perhaps soundtracks?
I feel like the physics could use a bit of tweaking, but I think you're on the right path. I feel like considering the content of the game, it could probably go with a few notches down on the speed of the ball.

The physics suck but hey, A E S T H E T I C

Controls are unresponsive and slippery but overall it's a pretty good game.

Not bad... not bad for a practice-project. Tho' I noticed that the ball is only rebounded in the direction which it's moving, which can prove to be a bit annoying end game. Maybe have it rebounded in a random direction?

Naxe responds:

Yeah I should do that
I wanted it to rebound a specific way if it hit the paddle
Like if it hit the paddle towards the right side on the right center it'd move right
But the math involving that is complicated
!!!!!! Super thank you for this suggestion I'll update the game

**UPDATE** I fixed the issue!
Thank you for the suggestion!