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Beerus's Attire

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Yes, I know I spelled Attire wrong.
This is a blooper by Sean Schemmel when he played some dude in Berserk. I forgot his name but it sounded French. Also, there's another guy here... I'm too lazy to find out what his name is. I kinda suck. If it looks out of sync it's not my fault. It was much closer to perfection BEFORE it was uploaded to Newgrounds.

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I have a friend who would take this personal lol...gotta show my buddy this one.

Not bad but awesome animation
It makes me laugh lol

Great animation and I'm so glad the bloober is not from DBZ. Makes it refeshing to hear

Ahahaa, what a brilliant use of audio. Love the fact that it's a blooper from a totally different show. lol Funny stuff.

The animation on this is really clean and smooth. Very nice!