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The Shadow

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A girl faces a looming shadow.

thanks for the front page and all the reviews!

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I am pretty impressed with this animation! But then again I don't usually get to see animations made with paper and pencil. I believe that the way you use smudges really help the creepiness pop out! Plus the music was great at making me feel a little uneasy.

AmericanGutter responds:

hey thanks for watching, i'm glad you liked it!

Very nice

So this was really cool very nice visuals here the animation itself was very smooth the black and white style was prety nice idea for this, the animation itself was really good has a unique feel about it, very nice work love this animation you should make more like this one.

Some slight color here or there.


That was one loooong room! Really like how it all builds up, and using notebook pages with existing scribbles for the final scenes really added to the madness (at least I hope they were existing ones - not all new for this). The scene with the circling motion too - that was impressively smooth. Kinda curious if some frames are recycled or if the animation really moves through paper at the pace it seems too... seems like impressive work putting this together!

The music goes well with it too. Really builds up a strange mood. If I were that character I don't think I'd keep shutting that light...


Pretty good animation, a little creepy as well.

In terms of animation, it was pretty solid stuff. The camera movement was done very well. Also the style used was a good choice for something that has a creepiness to it.