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STAGE 1 - kill 20
STAGE 2 - kill 20
STAGE 3 - kill 40


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You clicked for the tits. Don't lie.

Basic, unpolished, with a myriad of problems.

The first is that enemies don't seem to take any standardized number of hits. Some enemies die to a single jump kick, some require two full combo strings AND getting hit by a saw to die... it's more or less completely random. The second problem is the law of "dominant strategy"; why even bother with long-winded combo strings when it's just as easy for me to jump and press Left and Right within frames of each other, allowing me to hit both sides of my character at once AND dodge the occasional sawblade? The combination saw / shuriken is a little much, too, since if they're badly timed, you're more or less forced to take a hit... though you can waste a special move to become briefly invincible, but the timing is rather harsh since they move so fast and you can't see anything coming most of the time.

It's a five-minute time waster, nothing more, nothing less.

The simple gameplay is fine but it feels cheap and unfair because of getting attacked on both sides and not being able to kill them fast enough.
Recommended fixes:
-Enemies go down in one hit
-Having more types of enemies that take more hits
-Removing shurikens because when combined with the saw blade you get hurt without any way to doge it.

Awesome love the game just kinda little bit difficulty by the second stage anyways its dope

Decent, I guess. The shuriken is stage 2 were pretty bullshit, often comboing with the saws in undodgeable ways (and ducking is bad in general). Stage 3 was actually rather easier

Also, you can die on the victory screen, since it does nothing about hazards