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Escaping Emily

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This is my final film project for university, I loved working on this project so its real satisfying to see it finished up now.
It was originally based on a comic I wrote a while ago but the project kind of gained a life of its own as I worked on it so it turned out pretty different.

Thanks to my music guy Paul, who was awesome and super reliable.

I hope you enjoy :)

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i liked it a lot but the problem here is that it is too short. it takes time to make etc but it was too quick and didn't establish the characters strongly enough and their relationship. if it was slowed down and extended with another scene it would be a 5 for sure depending on the additional scene quality.


Thanks for the honest review, I did think about revisiting this and I agree that extending it would make it better as a piece; but its hard as it reminds me of a bad time. A relative passed just after I finished it. I maybe could see picking up the story again in the future but not any time soon.

one of my favorites now


Thanks, that's really nice to hear!

Great animation!



Very good animation, simple and effective!


Thanks dude, always happy to hear from someone who enjoyed this one :)

Ok, that was unexpected. Nice animation and story.


Thanks for watching!