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How It Feels To Chew 5 Gum

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What's this? ChazDude's first independent foray into animation you say? Well then, let's give it a watch!

Art - Me
Animation - Also me (!!!)
Story - Ditto.
Voice acting - Take a guess.
Sound effects - Freesound.org

Animated in Flash MX 2004.

Based on this comic: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/chazdude/gum

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Took me back when comedic violence in Newgrounds was gold When people have nothing to do. Now it's a creative website. Also good animation entry.

noice but isn't 5 gum not in the UK or Ireland (Ireland is better)

ChazDude responds:

Lies, slander!

Well that was different.


That was really cool, For your first works in animation thats some really welldone animation even as short as it was, but still entertaining and the "VOICE" work is pretty good very good quality here just wish this was longer are you planning on transittioning your comic in to animation? that would be pretty nifty, anyways nice work.

Onlything I can see you changing would be make it longer or ad other short animations with this.



ChazDude responds:

( ;u;)