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The Art of Quitting

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My take on quitting! Let me know what you think! Stay tuned for more, and feel free to check out more of my content here:


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This is actually pretty good, It was a tad bit short though, and I do think you can ad some "COLOR" into this, but the meaning behind the film is what really its all about so nice work here good little inspiring film you have here, you should make more like this.

could be longer and and some added color would be another nice idea.


AnimatedStruggle responds:

Sorry for the late response! I haven't logged in in forever.

I hear you. Thank you so much for the feedback! I'm actually working on a 360 degree run cycle for a new channel intro video. I'll be sure to splash some color on it.

Instructions seem easy enough... if I haven't already mastered the art maybe this'll put me on the right path. Not bad.


You really explained quitting and its bad effects well. The animation was okay, but could of been smoother. The biggest issue was the lack of color. Using bright and vivid colors would of been a wonderful idea.

AnimatedStruggle responds:

I gotcha! I'm still experimenting with the style, in order to speed up my production time. Thank you for your feed back! I gotta another one in the works right now, and i'm glad I took a sec to come back and look at comments. After seeing this and Peregrinus's notes, i'm gonna add the splashes of color, and add more frame work to my animations. The next video will be out soon.

The monochrome/lineart is an interesting style. I personally wouldn't mind a tiny hint of colour on whatever the main subject is to make it distinct. Audio seems a bit loud and crackly, but overall a great reminder for all of us.

AnimatedStruggle responds:

Thank you for the feedback! I gotta take another look at my audio. Can't have it sounding like that in the future! :O

the animation was not all that great but this video sure has a good message to it!

AnimatedStruggle responds:

Thank you! The message is the main thing I aim for with these. But I also want the animation to please. I'll go forward with more frame work.