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FTCR Animated: Live & Learn.

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The original video this audio is from ► https://youtu.be/q5LsrmbnbLI

The Sonic Jazz Credits Music ► https://youtu.be/7vJDPsd80f4

Hi Newgrounds! I did another one of these!

Akin to 'Fruits & Proteins' this cartoon was a fun 'reconstruction' off a moment FTA from FTCR had when singing the Sonic Adventure 2 song by Crush 40.

Hope you enjoy! Much Love! SK.

FTCR YouTube Channel ► https://www.youtube.com/user/FindTheComputerRoom

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Three guys head bumping in unison in a car huh, until it all spirals out of control! XD Surprise ending, though do wonder what happened after that hmm... seems kinda dangerous the driver of the car is just squealing with his eyes closed like that too! Good stuff.


SpiderKnife responds:

Haha, I'm sure you would appreciate that when he had his eyes closed, I reduced the amount he moved the steering wheel, as I didn't think it would be practical for the potential, fatal ending of his ride XD Thank you for your time and comment!

Ch'yeah buddy!


Congrats. on this amazing animation!

SpiderKnife responds:

Thank you very much!