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Forgotten Isle Alpha 0.01

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Author Comments

UPDATE 5/13/2018:
We figured out the black screen issue. That was a fault on our part during the compression process. It works now.

Quick Fix 1 5/13: Fixed Ice Attack Animation
Quick Fix 2 5/13: Fixed Follower Face that caused game crash.

UPDATE 5/15:

-Fire Arrow no longer costs MP
-Guards stop you when first initially going to speak to the King
-Small event with the tower after the Evil Wizard fight (HOPEFULLY does not bug out and break)
-Beginning Event of Island 2 (Theres more done there, but thats all that is being uploaded right now)
-Lowered Soldiers/Paladins Defensive Items at start (Monsters couldnt do damage at all)
-Fixed a couple cosmetic things, like movement and stepping animation and turns.
-Added Magic Water to 2nd town shop

Quick Fix 5/15: Fixed black screen after Evil Wizard Battle.

Alpha version just released in the style of old school RPG games, similar to what one might find for the original Gameboy or Gameboy Advanced.

There are some bugs here and there that we are still working out, but please, enjoy!

If you like it, consider supporting us on Patreon at the link below!

Patreon Link:https://www.patreon.com/user?u=10196055

Alpha 0.02 Has been released. Play it below!

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I like the idea of the class selection, but it was a bit confusing - maybe some additional info on the choices and smoother transitions between the choices.

After the tower when the guard tells me to hurry up the game froze - i assume that is the end of what is available for now, or there is a bug (not sure if there is more of a cut scene).

Overall, though, I can't wait to see this move past the alpha stage. Not too much dialog (that always gets tedious), focused quest activity (no needless back and forth fetch nonsense), and a good difficulty curve so far. Great work!

OnslaughtGaming responds:

Thanks! There is a little more after the guard but it's maybe 1 or 2 lines worth.

Got to the end. But after I beat the the boss the screen went black. I tried it again, but stood in a different position. Still a black screen. Nothing works. Good game though.

OnslaughtGaming responds:

The Evil Wizard was the end boss. There's supposed to be a mini cut scene after that, but it sounds like it isn't working so Ill double check that out. Thanks!

The character creation is pure Genious! Great job there. I was a little dissapointed that the game was so short, but thats my fault. I didn't realize that this was an alpha game.

Food for thought...

-Have the guards block your path or ask what business a commoner has with the king. it just felt like it was too easy for some "nobody" to have access to someone so important.

-Offer a choice between who your first compannion is. Easy fix, put a few people in the camp and have the king say that someone there will help you with your task.

-There didn't feel like there was enough build up after the "final" battle with the evil mage. I'm not sure what you have planned afterwords, but something should happen after the battle to help get players off the island and push them in the right direction. An explosion in the tower destryoing the tower and the seal might just work, possibly allowing for an overwhelming monster invasion.

As I said previously, Awesome game! Keep up the good work, I'll be looking forward to updates.

OnslaughtGaming responds:

Thanks for that input! The follower event I currently have based on your class; the choosing one is actually what I have planned for the next stage. The guards are something that I also have worked into the next big update!

After the second character gets his Fire Arrow Special and you use it once it becomes grey forever even if you have over 15 TP. Game is really awesome btw, great job on it so far really enjoying it.

OnslaughtGaming responds:

Weird, thanks for that. Ill look into that asap.

Just did slime attack, on the way to the castle I went to the tent first. Found a person, it says loading error, failed to load img/faces/follower201.png. I'm going to try reloading.

OnslaughtGaming responds:

Neosmile above just mentioned that is well. I did a test run and figured out the issue, so I will be reuploading a quick fix within the hour. There was a single text line that did not get a face change.

Credits & Info

3.09 / 5.00

May 12, 2018
2:16 PM EDT