Burrow - Groundbreaking Roguelite

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Jump to make the earth shatter beneath your feet. Get as far as you can whilst avoid worms, spikes and other critters that lay below the earth. You cannot jump on enemies, but perhaps you can find other ways to destroy them.

-Use the arrow keys for movement & jumping
-Use enter to get the pause menu


Huh. Well it moves quickly, but the sprites are so small I wasn't sure what some of the icons where. is that a shovel i see? Could use some sound.

I'm going to be honest: I clicked on the thumbnail because I thought BURROW said BUTTOWN.. it was the blurry brown font.. So I was expecting a game about Iggy Pop's song about Hollywood or you know, actual asses.

Very Interesting concept.

Give some more colour to the sprites, add some sound effects, make more detailed backgrouds get a good upbeat rhythm in the back, then you got yourself a 5/5 game. Really like it. I look forward to the developed version.

b-random9 responds:

Are you saying the music and sound effects weren't playing for you? There should be both of these already. I've recently been having issues with sound effects outside of my own game, going to another tab for a few seconds then back usually fixes this, perhaps it's the same issue? Might be a web browser issue or something. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

*Planet earth theme plays* "Here in the wild plains of Newgrounds, there is work to be done. Deep below the surface, the Newgrounds white hare toils away in it's burrow. As a species, this hare is the only force in nature that moves as much soil, pound for pound, as mankind itself. This individual alone, with it's powerful leg muscles, the strongest in the animal kingdom, works at the rate of an industrial mining machine. Moving, on average, a mind-boggling seven tonnes of soil per minute. But despite it's incredible strength that has baffled the minds of scientists to this day, the hare is not fully safe. Danger lurks beneath the soil.
Worms. These Newgrounds worms, while small, have an insatiable apatite for rabbit. Each individual will consume about 300 Newgrounds hare within it's lifespan. And these are not the only threat awaiting this bizarre animal. The ants here, too have taken a liking to the hare and haev adapted to become specialized hunters, preying on the unsuspecting animals as they dig their massive burrows. Even the ant-lion, despite having originally evolved to feed on ants, cannot get enough.
Indeed, surrounded by attackers from every angle since birth, the Newgrounds hare has the lowest survivability of all mammals."

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Very difficult, but I like it a lot!
It is a very unique game idea and I can't help but admire the creativity put into it. I like how it starts out as careful planning and then quickly becoming split second decisions. It is pretty unforgiving but overall it is a great game.

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With a simplistic style of gameplay and artwork, great job man! (Following!)

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3.68 / 5.00

May 9, 2018
3:04 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other