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Jump to make the earth shatter beneath your feet. Get as far as you can whilst avoid worms, spikes and other critters that lay below the earth. You cannot jump on enemies, but perhaps you can find other ways to destroy them.

-Use the arrow keys for movement & jumping
-Use enter to get the pause menu

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I went on a boulder and it never fell so I kept jumping on it and made the whole floor dissapear then it went into some sort of debug mode or something

b-random9 responds:

Thanks for letting me know, I've had a couple of people run into this. Happens when two boulders spawn at the same place. Trying to fix it for the next update.

This is definitely one of the better games on here, and the best one I've played in a long time. To make it really great, make the following minor adjustments:

1) Do one of the following: Add lives, worms die when jumped on, or non-continuous borders
2) Disable random, reasonless deaths
3) Increase the boulder roll acceleration or remove it entirely
4) Remove random changes in direction of the worms when they land on top of rocks. They should continue on their previous course
5) Fix the bug where the rabbit can get on top of two borders and the sound locks
6) Fix the bug where two boulders stack, pushing the rabbit half beneath the ground.

Update: All bugs have either been fixed or the game has been changed such that they are not an issue. Great work!

Finally, a real challenge!

Huh. Well it moves quickly, but the sprites are so small I wasn't sure what some of the icons where. is that a shovel i see? Could use some sound.

I'm going to be honest: I clicked on the thumbnail because I thought BURROW said BUTTOWN.. it was the blurry brown font.. So I was expecting a game about Iggy Pop's song about Hollywood or you know, actual asses.

Very Interesting concept.

Give some more colour to the sprites, add some sound effects, make more detailed backgrouds get a good upbeat rhythm in the back, then you got yourself a 5/5 game. Really like it. I look forward to the developed version.

b-random9 responds:

Are you saying the music and sound effects weren't playing for you? There should be both of these already. I've recently been having issues with sound effects outside of my own game, going to another tab for a few seconds then back usually fixes this, perhaps it's the same issue? Might be a web browser issue or something. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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3.58 / 5.00

May 9, 2018
3:04 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other