Blacks Only

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Kill all the white people because they are bad.

AS SEEN ON ONEYPLAYS LMAO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nkmYvQ3qWc&t=5s

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Music: Uploft, made by me: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/798061

Sounds are from this sound pack (30GB of free audio basically): https://sonniss.com/gameaudiogdc18/

Source code is on Github: https://github.com/ninjamuffin99/WhitesOnly



So I found this game to be somewhat interesting and I have to say the topic matter was a good one and made for a more exciting game I would love more polish on this game and more things to do and things that can generate more fun mechanic about it just an idea though

More added stuff maybe some bonus material or something


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ninjamuffin99 responds:

I will make a sequel one day or follow up or whatever

I saw Oney play this lol. I also think this game was pretty good but should have more to it. The message was good though, but that's kind of the only thing really good about it.

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So you get a star because the game didn't lag, and it had a decent loading time. I think that leads into my next point.
You get a star because the controls were simple and fluid. But then comes the hard part, judging creativity.
At first I wasn't actually impressed, but that's more on me than anything. I've spoiled myself with to many group funded games and haven't played the simpler flash in a while. I was hoping for another Pico's school here on Newgrounds, something shocking I mean, and I get this simple yet slightly heart felt game.
I think you used all you could at your disposal for the concept, and while the ending has been done before in other ways yours has a unique feel to it.

When a game actually has a message, beautiful.

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I walked trough this game without shooting at anybody.

If I understand this games message correctly then I agree with it, but on overall I thing this is a clickbait game. A game with no gameplay and no graphics and no story trying to get views and score by capitalizing on issues that are heated in society currently.

I love games that deal with complicated social and philosophical topics. But I still think these games need to be well made as games too - they need a proper story, characters, gameplay and graphics.

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ninjamuffin99 responds:

this is the truth

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3.07 / 5.00

May 9, 2018
1:22 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop